Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's Birthday Overload...

Happy Father's Day to my sweet husband.  It also happens to be his 29th birthday :)  That's right he has officially entered the last year of his 20's.. I can hardly believe it.  

So Sugar Mama had a Rock Star Birthday party yesterday.  Her girlfriends came over and got make-overs from a friend of mine.  We played Dance Central on the Kinect, had cake, and destroyed the playroom :)  The best part of the party was the Great American Cookie factory cake... there was so much icing, but it's what Sugar Mama asked for.  She had a great time and some of the girls had so much fun they cried when they had to leave :)

But today has been all about daddy.  We let him sleep in.  Took him to his choice of restaurant for lunch, where he sweetly accepted the chorus of singing employees shouting "Happy Birthday." Sugar mama and Nugget girl absolutely loved it :)

We are, in a few minutes, going outside to work on our blasted playground.  We've had it for 6 months and the thing still isn't right because the Husband has had no time to fool with it and let's be honest I wouldn't know if my life depended on it.  

Here is how that went: 

And check out Nugget girl's face

And then of course Sweet Pea

I was a little bummed that his birthday and father's day fell on the same day again this year.  It was like that the year Sugar mama was born.  No lie we were so strapped that year, from having to go to one income and my continual hospital stays, that his present that year was a new bible... that was purchased by the women of my church :)  This year I did not want to combine the gifts because I think that is so jacked up..

However, I got him a gift certificate to go sky diving.  He will go by himself and I included a video/picture package.  He was stunned!! But after spending all of that hard earned stolen money (remember I don't work) I could steal no more... so the weed eater will have to wait :)

Today I am thankful for: 

The day my husband was born 29 years ago, and the day my sweetest girl was born 6 years ago... he has been a gift to me and my girls and first became a father 6 years ago :)

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