Saturday, June 11, 2011

Super Saturday...

My smallest girl was able to get in the water today, and she loved it!! We floated for a very long time, and tried our best to keep from licking the pool water (blech)

She LOVES water :)

We finally had some daddy quality time today.  Thank Goodness!!

Mommy had a mini-make over and got make up.. for real grown up make up.  You probably think that is silly, but for real I'm almost 30 and until today had NO idea how to apply it, or even what colors to wear :)

Then we went to dinner ..

Sugar Mama took these photos :)

And then Sweet Pea got a big girl seat :)

Today I am so thankful for: 

My wonderful girls who make it possible for us to get out of this house :)

And quality time with the Husband..  it's nice to see him :)


  1. Am I seeing eye liner?? GASP!

  2. hahahaha Girl, didn't you hear? I'm a make-up wearing grown up now :)