Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm Putting the REAL in Reality...

I posted on my facebook today "I'm going to have the attitude that I'm glad everything is going wrong at the same time because it gives God amazing OPEN opportunity to do great things. Bring the rain, if it means that I'll praise you, and quite frankly things could be a lot worse"

This week: 

A lot has gone wrong, bills have wiped out things we've saved for, my phone has died and it's not just my bills to sort through but those of the team I'm coaching.

But I'm going to praise in the rain, because after comes his promises.

On that note the husband and I are healthy so are our children and at the end of the day that's all that really matters :)

Today I am Thankful for: 

That all the chaos is just a season.  It will settle down and I'll wonder what is was all about anyways :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Week In Review..

What a week!! As of Friday I am finished with the Summer Semester!  That being said this past week was finals week so it meant studying.. again.. I will be so glad when I can not say that anymore :)

So Monday I celebrated my birthday.  The 30 x 30 here is on!! But also we celebrated that sweet pea is officially 6 months old, only 6 more months until her first birthday.

Sweet Pea is learning more and more every day.  She talks a lot and is rolling like crazy all over the living room.  My favorite new big girl moment is putting her in the high chair and having her join us for dinner.  We are officially a party of 5!!

Sweet pea has also graduated to the exersaucer where she sits for a short time and then realizes she's bored :) But for those few moments she loves it. 

Speaking of big girl things... Sugar Mama is constantly asking me to change a diaper.. I finally decided to let her try.  I do not doubt her ability because she is such a little mama. She did well as predicted!!

And lastly can I just say thank goodness for a playroom?  It has literally saved me this summer when I have bored little girls, a test on Thursday and a sweet pea who only wants to be held/nursed.

But it also gives me awesome pictures like this...

Can you tell what that their favorite thing to do is dress up?!?  Seriously hilarious :)

In the "Did I seriously wake up to this" category.. I got up this morning, walked into my bathroom and found Nugget girl sitting in the floor with my bathroom cabinet open looking like this...

How do you not laugh?!?  Oh my :) I'll say it again, she is work, work, work!!

Today I am Thankful for: 

The ability to laugh when life is a little hairy scary!! 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

30 x 30

I have one year to complete the following: Not in any particular order

1. Learn to Play Poker.  For fun. 

2. Learn to Ride a Horse.

3. Get a lot of pink highlights.

4. Swim with dolphins.

5. Pay for someone else's food at a fast food restaurant.

6. Learn to Surf

7. Lose my baby weight.  Sweet Pea is officially 6 months tomorrow and the Husband and I are doing this together.  

8. Learn to Shoot a Gun.  This is for educational purposes.  I want to know so I'm not afraid of it. 

9. Be an extra in a t.v. show or sit in an audience.  I'm trying to tie this to #10 with SNL.

10. Visit Times Square, New York. 

11. Sell a Painting.

12. Write a Book.

13. Work on a Farm for a day.

14. Go White Water Rafting.

15. Take a pottery class.

16. Buy a pair of Fabulous Heels.

17. Get a Bikini and/or Leg Wax.

18. Learn Italian.

19. Have a Great Professional picture taken of myself.

20. Landscape my front yard, MY way.

21. Remodel my Kitchen and Breakfast area, MY way.

22. Have an a pen-pal, if even for a day, by tying a letter to a balloon and letting it to.  Whoever finds it writes back.

23. Make a Video that Goes Viral.

24. One day of volunteer work at an Animal Shelter.

25. Take a Ballet Class.

26. Go on a Mission Trip.

27. Have my picture taken with UGA and/or Hairy.

28. Lead Someone to God.

29. Sponsor a Compassion child.

30. On my 30th birthday, after I've lost my weight this year, re-pierce my belly button. 

In order to complete this list I have to do at least 2 things per months and sometimes 3.  It's going to take some serious planning and managing on my part, but I'm really excited!! 

Today I am Thankful for: 

The opportunity to see where I'm going. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

She's Growing Up On Me...

I have a lot of things I could blog about tonight, because I have been serious about taking pictures this week, I've just been too busy studying to post them.  

But today my sweetest girl number one lost her very first tooth.

I cried the whole way home, softly, not sobbing, because I remember distinctly when that tooth first popped up on those toothless gums.  In a matter of time she will have big girl teeth and will be one step closer to growing up on me.  

It's just a tooth, but today it feels like so much more :(

Today I am Thankful for: 

Those sweet little baby teeth.  I am very excited about my first tooth fairy visit as an adult ;) it's like waiting for Santa as a first time parent.. what a memory :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

It's a New Day...

Before we left for vacation we checked on our baby birds.. according to google they would incubate for 14 - 16 days... that's not the case.. :)

This was June 25th

And July 2nd.... they were so cute and fuzzy!!

I believe I mentioned that the twin had my nephew peanut... when I went to see him Sunday he was rocking this..
"My Aunt is Awesome".. duh :)

And when faced with the choice of holding our nephew or changing Nugget girls dirty pull-up, the Husband chose to hold our nephew.  For the first time ever.  He, like grandpa, swears he does not hold babies, especially little peanuts, but here is the proof otherwise :)

Ha! Looking at this, he looks rather uncomfortable :)

And don't forget the niece M&M who was wearing the M&M shirt we got her from Vegas...

We bought the nephew a peanut M&M onesie.. get it?  Peanut?  I know I'm the funniest person you don't know ;)

Today I am Thankful for: 

Knowing that it's always a new day.  No matter where you've been God always gives you the opportunity to go somewhere new. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Home Sweet Home..

So.. No blogging for me this week because Lively Situation went on vacation and didn't tell anyone because we thought it would be safer that way :)

Here are the highlights from our wonderful week!!

We left last Saturday.  We had to be at the airport at 8 for our flight that left at 11.  We made it at 9 and had just enough time to let everyone use the restroom at the gate before boarding 

As usual I worried for absolutely nothing because all 3 of my girls did beautifully.  I was so worked up that I had my stomach all in knots... here we are so excited to be heading to Las Vegas!!

It was a 4 hour flight and with the gain of 3 hours we actually arrived in Las Vegas at 12:30.  We headed out to stretch our legs and go to M&M's World.  We eventually walked about 2 miles because it looked much closer than it actually was... But along the way you can meet some very interesting characters...

These were the most kid friendly :)  
So we shopped at M&M World, wised up and rode the bus back to our hotel and had some dinner.  Our girls were wound up and I had to turn the lights out and tv off before they would lie still and go to sleep!! :)

Sunday we headed out to California to hang out with some of the Husbands family on the river..

Hello?  How awesome is this picture?!?  Just sayin' :)
So what you should know about the river is that on this particular day the temperature was 122 degrees, seriously, and despite the heat the water was so cold it could send you into shock!! But kids are resilient and they loved it.  

Monday was the Fourth of July and the day we headed to Arizona/Nevada to our resort on the Colorado River...

Happy 4th to Uncle Topher who is still in basic training, learning to fight for our freedom.  We are more proud than words can say!!

Tuesday We spent most of our time at the river.  The resort has a private beach with large cabanas that are free if you are up early enough to snag one.  So the husband and I took turns relaxing under the shade with Sweet Pea and shocking our systems in the freezing water while playing with our girls..

This one has the life... she sat in the shade almost all day, while a small fan kept her cool :)
The girls swam just enough to exhaust them and help them fall asleep easily :)

Wednesday we spent all day at the Grandparents house.  They are the reason this blog thing started, besides a journal of sorts.  They get to see our girls grow up from 3,000 miles away.  The Husband's family kept telling me how much Grandpa enjoys reading and secretly (well not so secretly now) I was thrilled.  It means a lot to me.  

So here is Grandpa doing the thing he swears he doesn't do... Hold babies :)

And Grandma with Sugar Mama...

I couldn't get one with the grandparents and Nugget girl.  She was too busy destroying things in their house... seriously :)
I know that my girls love them so much because they were generous with their hugs and sugars.  I cannot really explain it, but getting to see the Husband's grandparents made me super emotional.  When we said goodbye to them at the end of the week I had to choke back tears in the car... they have always been so kind to me even though they've spent so little time with me.  It's a gift, one I do not take for granted. 
Grandma even made us spaghetti!! :)

Thursday we spent all day back at the beach.  Only this time we decided to kick it up a notch and rent a Seadoo.  I really wanted to do this because I love riding on the water but I'm not brave enough to do it in the ocean... I just know a shark will eat me.  But also this meant the girls could go too.  So we rented one for the day and spent hours taking turns. 

This is one of my favorite pictures and it simply will not load rotated the proper way.  So turn your computers side ways and enjoy :)

Friday morning we had to leave the resort and head back to Vegas so we could leave for home on Saturday.  What a view.. it is beautiful there.  The heat and dust makes me not want to live there but you can see God's hand in the beauty of the land

As soon as we got back to Vegas we headed out to explore.  And once again we make dreams come true :)

Nugget girl was stunned beyond words.  Oh to be so young :)

So I love the show Pawn Stars on the History channel.  I decided we were absolutely going to see this place and meet those people.  We hopped on a bus and went in search.  Finding it was a breeze.  Let me just say, what a disappointment.  We get there only to find out that they only come in to film the show now and it was so touristy.. is that a word?  Anyways the whole shop was about selling Pawn Stars stuff... I felt like a kid who just realized there was a person in that costume and it wasn't Mickey at all... I was so disappointed with it that I told the husband I may never watch the show again.

After we got back on the bus, got stuck in a serious traffic jam, got off the bus to beat it to the next bus stop, got stuck a down pour, in the desert where it never rains, got passed by the bus, hopped back on the bus to be told there was no more room, eventually walking 2 miles to get back to the hotel with sweet pea attached to my front.  Going to that pawn shop was seriously not worth it :/

But we had to leave yesterday and leaving was as peaceful as coming if you don't count the shouts of "NO!!!" when I told them we were coming home :)

My view: 

Among these is where I know my Nanny and Uncle Scott live.  Well not these exactly that's dangerous, but up high with God, and all those wonderful things Sugar Mama said.

We're home now and trying to re-adjust to our time change... what a doozie!!  But life goes back to normal tonight and that may be the reason for the irritation that simmers just under my skin :)

Today I am Thankful for: 

This past week.  It was so wonderful to spend all that time with my family, husband included who is normally sleeping when the fun things happen.  And for the opportunity for my girls to meet Grandma and Grandpa.  It holds a very special place in my heart.  Thank you God for those memories.