Monday, July 11, 2011

It's a New Day...

Before we left for vacation we checked on our baby birds.. according to google they would incubate for 14 - 16 days... that's not the case.. :)

This was June 25th

And July 2nd.... they were so cute and fuzzy!!

I believe I mentioned that the twin had my nephew peanut... when I went to see him Sunday he was rocking this..
"My Aunt is Awesome".. duh :)

And when faced with the choice of holding our nephew or changing Nugget girls dirty pull-up, the Husband chose to hold our nephew.  For the first time ever.  He, like grandpa, swears he does not hold babies, especially little peanuts, but here is the proof otherwise :)

Ha! Looking at this, he looks rather uncomfortable :)

And don't forget the niece M&M who was wearing the M&M shirt we got her from Vegas...

We bought the nephew a peanut M&M onesie.. get it?  Peanut?  I know I'm the funniest person you don't know ;)

Today I am Thankful for: 

Knowing that it's always a new day.  No matter where you've been God always gives you the opportunity to go somewhere new. 

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