Monday, July 25, 2011

A Week In Review..

What a week!! As of Friday I am finished with the Summer Semester!  That being said this past week was finals week so it meant studying.. again.. I will be so glad when I can not say that anymore :)

So Monday I celebrated my birthday.  The 30 x 30 here is on!! But also we celebrated that sweet pea is officially 6 months old, only 6 more months until her first birthday.

Sweet Pea is learning more and more every day.  She talks a lot and is rolling like crazy all over the living room.  My favorite new big girl moment is putting her in the high chair and having her join us for dinner.  We are officially a party of 5!!

Sweet pea has also graduated to the exersaucer where she sits for a short time and then realizes she's bored :) But for those few moments she loves it. 

Speaking of big girl things... Sugar Mama is constantly asking me to change a diaper.. I finally decided to let her try.  I do not doubt her ability because she is such a little mama. She did well as predicted!!

And lastly can I just say thank goodness for a playroom?  It has literally saved me this summer when I have bored little girls, a test on Thursday and a sweet pea who only wants to be held/nursed.

But it also gives me awesome pictures like this...

Can you tell what that their favorite thing to do is dress up?!?  Seriously hilarious :)

In the "Did I seriously wake up to this" category.. I got up this morning, walked into my bathroom and found Nugget girl sitting in the floor with my bathroom cabinet open looking like this...

How do you not laugh?!?  Oh my :) I'll say it again, she is work, work, work!!

Today I am Thankful for: 

The ability to laugh when life is a little hairy scary!! 

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