Tuesday, August 2, 2011

One Down 29 More to Go...

Number Three on 30 x 30 was get a lot of pink highlights... and here you go :)

My friend Christina did it on Friday and I love it!! I would share her information but I won't because I don't want to share ;)

Yesterday was Sugar Mama's first day of First Grade: 

We went school shopping on Sunday and she picked out all of her own clothes and surprisingly she has really good taste :)

She decided on this outfit for the first day and I took her to school to drop off all of her supplies.  A lot of people have pictures of their children in the classroom etc, but I don't because taking my children to school makes me emotional.  I cannot explain it because it happens every school year.  I feel like I can see them growing before my eyes and it makes me super sad but also proud of who they are becoming. 

Fortunately I still have Nugget girl for another week, but then she's going to school too.  What will I do with my time?!? :) 

A piece of great news, you may remember this post. To make a crazy long story short I was a student at a different school back in 2004.  My last semester I changed my name to my married name and it created an administration nightmare.  3 out 5 of my professor did not submit grades for me and back then when nothing was submitted you received an F.  I fought this situation for such a long time with no resolution and about 2 weeks ago God gave me an epiphany while writing a letter that I should try one more time.  I did and today I found out that it was corrected!! They found one professor and the other is helping me appeal it so it's removed!! God is so good and it is such a humbling feeling to know he spoke and I listened, it's wonderful!!

Today I am Thankful for: 

Great News after such a terrible week last week :) And it was bad!! 20 years no bee stings, last week a black wasp stung me on the knee cap and my lower leg was swollen :/  So glad it's over :)

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