Saturday, September 24, 2011

8 Months Old..

Sweet Butterball Turkey you are now 8 months old.

You weigh almost 18 pounds are over 2 feet tall :)

You wear a size 3 diaper, and just this week moved into 6 -9 month clothes. 

Awesome things you are doing: You clap your hands all the time, you could clap your feet before you could clap your hands.  You sit very well, and are rocking, just trying to crawl.  You feed yourself all the time, in fact you just fed yourself your first meal the other day.

You hate baby food, you ate this because you could feed yourself, but just tonight you had small bites of chicken, broccoli, pasta and sliced peaches.

You love to bounce, when you're supporting yourself on my lap you just go crazy bouncing... I'm wondering if it's because you just cannot wait to be on the go.

You are absolutely in love with your sisters.  You've started laughing hysterically at them lately, which in turn gives them the giggles.

Sugar Mama totes you around like a sack of potatoes, all. the. time.  We have to constantly ask her to stop picking you up.  Just the other day you were fussing and then you stopped.  I walked in your room and found this..

You were strangely comforted :)

Just today you and Nugget girl were having a ball as I cleaned our your closet..

You are so incredibly sweet and smiley all the time.  Unless of course you are hungry and/or tired in which you let out blood curdling screams that are sure to make the neighbors nervous.  

Today I am Thankful for: 

All 3 of you precious girls.  You say the sweetest things and just make my life so rich.  I love all 3 of you more than words can say!!

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