Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Days Go By...

Here are a few pictures of my sweet girls that show some of the fun we've been up to for the past several weeks.  School's back in session but we here at Lively Situation have been busier than ever!!

Last Sunday we had to take a trip to Old Navy, on the way to cheerleading pictures, because both the husband and I took the Nugget's word when she said her flip flops were in the car.  They so, were not.

I had the best laugh because I look over, and she's in conversation with this mannequin.. like they are best friends and so I asked her if she wanted me to take their picture.  She did :)

 Of course Sugar Mama made a new friend also :)

Here we are at the doctor with the husband.  On Friday he told me he was going to the doctor.  I immediately looked outside to see if Jesus was coming back... he was not, and the husband did in fact go to the doctor... it went like this: 

Nurse: When is the last time you had blood work?
Husband: Birth? (seriously)
Nurse: the last time you had an eye exam?
(me: in the corner laughing)
Husband: No I remember this one... 8 years ago...
(me: Seriously?!? you are supposed to have one every year)
Nurse: Have you ever had a colonoscopy?
Husband: Seriously, seeing you today is the closest I have ever come to having any type of procedure...

So we took the picture as proof :)

And here is a paternal family trait.. her daddy has the exact same face when he sleeps sitting up, which is often in the car :)

And this little Butterball Turkey... she now has 2 teeth, eats more baby food, still not a lot, will eat better, but much prefers table food.  She is about to cut a top front tooth and is rocking/scooting trying to crawl on me.  She only sleeps in her bed when her daddy is home, the rest of the time she is playing me in to thinking that she'll be traumatized if she's not with me, which I'm just gullible enough to believe.  But man, when she sees me and only smiles like that for me.. it's totally worth it :)

Today I am so Thankful for: 

Spending time with my husband.  He has worked so hard and so often over the past several months that he has ulcers... so it is so nice to just sleep in the same bed as him.  Love that man!

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