Friday, September 9, 2011


This sweet face was sleeping on my throw pillows for my bed.  He is the best dog.  He is completely nervous and neurotic, but he never chews on anything and we can leave him in our house to mope around as needed without fear that we'll come home and find that's ripped up our floor or something equally crazy.  Love, Love, Love him.  

We had a bike-a-thon at school to raise money.. we raised $0 dollars :( I know it's so sad, but I've been studying to take my TEAS test and we've exhausted all of our fund raising options :) But she enjoyed it and that's all that matters ;)

After running errands today I noticed this butterball turkey was quiet, as was the husband.  I went to investigate and found them asleep, in the chair in her nursery.  She was in his arm pit and while I took his picture I won't post it... but it does look like Nugget girl in the last photo here.

After school, an all out pillow fight started and my chest hurt from laughing so hard.  My girls wrestling with the husband, who in his youth was convinced he was a professional wrestler, is the best entertainment...

Butterball Turkey (I've officially changed her name :) and I sat back and watched/took pictures.  The husband managed to wallop me a few times so excuse the hair..

And after all the excitement I walk back into my bedroom to find this...

Husband to the left, Sugar Mama to the right!! The epic battle wore out my warriors :)

Today I am Thankful for: 

My family being safe after hitting the deer that jumped in front of our car.  And for the giggles I have when I see Butterball Turkey wiping slobber all over Sugar Mama's face, while Sugar Mama screams "mama, she's throwing up on me!!"

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