Wednesday, October 19, 2011

There is no I in teeth...

It's true.. there is no I in teeth, unless of course you are talking about I-teeth :) Which is what sweetest smallest girl is cutting right now.  She is always so happy and fun, that the complete turn around of a new clingy, cranky baby worries me just a little.

No sleep for the past 3 nights mixed with crazy weather and it's a little bananas around here.

I have pictures to share from our visit to the farm, but I cannot get to them right now from holding this butterball turkey all the time.  But it was a wonderful trip where Nugget girl had a blast and I had a small sad moment where I remembered when she was just a baby tagging along on the field trips with Sugar Mama.  How does the time go so fast?

She is the same child who sees that a pack of candy has been opened by someone else, and decides, obviously that means she can have some, and eats a piece.  Or who thinks that the containers at target that sell candy by the pound means they allow samples.

The little girl who REFUSES to participate in yellow day, or dress like a farmer day, or please wear anything besides jeans and a t-shirt day... shopping and/or dressing her is frustrating.  She will only wear one pair of shoes, jeans and shirts with princesses, tinkerbell, or toy story characters on them...

But I. Love. That. Girl!!  She is hilarious.

Sugar Mama made me incredibly proud with her report card and teacher conference.  I see so much of myself in here that it makes me want to tweak her personality just a little.  She will love school for the learning and the socializing but will also take it at seriously as it can be taken with such a tender little heart.  She is spectacular.  

Our smallest girl?  Well besides those blasted teeth she is crawling now, and all in the same day started to give five, raise her hands when you reach to pick her up and pull-up... she's been clingy for the past couple of days but she's moving more and more.  3 more months and I'll be planning a first birthday.. talk about quick.

Today I am Thankful for: 

Everything else in life will keep, but my children will only be this small for a short time.  Thank you Lord for time to spend with them and watch them grow.

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