Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hiatus Over

Hi various peeps from around the world/country.

It's been a while.  If you read the last post you know, I needed some time.  A little time to gain some perspective, catch my breath, and make a new plan.  The new plan... not have one.  Just kidding.  I spoke to my advisor who told me that had I done just a little bit better on my nursing entrance test I would have gotten in.. I cannot decide if that hurts more, or makes me feel better.... the jury is still out.

Lively Situation and the girls have been staying busy, like always.  First up: Halloween!! 
I've read a lot of things lately that have asked whether Christians celebrate Halloween.  We do. My children dress up as non-scary characters and visit their neighbors for candy.... that's just how we roll..

So here is, from Left to Right: Jessie, My Little Pink Elephant, and Belle: 

We never really have trick-or-treaters because we live at the back of the neighborhood, but I always buy 5 bags of candy... :)

Next Sugar Mama had her cheerleading competition.  As a head coach this year, it was way more nerve racking that I remember from years past :) 

Here she is posing outside the stretch hummer limo the team rode in: 

All of the practice and stress paid off, because we are the Mighty Mite: 

That's right!! We took first place in our division :)  

Lastly here is the butterball turkey eating ravioli: 
What a mess!!

And in case you are asking yourself why there are no extra pictures of Nugget girl, allow me to leave you with this story.  

On a recent Sunday morning I was getting 2 of 3 girls ready for church when Sugar Mama ran into my room and had Nugget girl in a semi-head lock.. that's when I noticed that her hands were blue.  

In all seriousness that girl had gotten into some neon-blue food coloring and dyed her hands, legs, feet, and my laundry room floor.  I later found blue hand prints in the baby's room, on the walls in the laundry room, and on my micro-fiber chair.  

A moment of truth.  I put that little girl in the shower with me and I cried... cried and cried some more.  I said to her, which I am positive her hurt feelings WAY more than any time-out or spanking could have "Do you have any idea how upset mommy is?  (as I am crying) now I have to take you to church looking like a smurf!"  As I told the story people asked me if I took a picture... which I should have, but in the moment I was just too upset.  It would have made a great addition to this post :)

Today I am Thankful for: 

The Days: The days filled with fun, laughter, good friends and quality time spent on the couch with my family.  Days, just like today :)