Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Am I Normal?....

Do you do things that make you wonder if there are people out there who do the same things... like "Does insisting that the toilet paper roll go over make me normal?"

So here's my list of things that make me think: 

1. I never let my children wear the same pajamas twice.  The get up and get dressed and then I put their  jammies in the laundry room.  So every week I wash 21 pairs of pajamas.  I'm not sure why because I am clean when I go to bed so I'll wear my pajamas for a couple of days in a row.. but not my children.. is this normal?  Or is my child situation normal and my own not?

2. Sometimes, not very often so don't call the loony bin, but sometimes I get so sad that I cannot keep my children this small.  Just the other night as I was putting our sweet little Butterball turkey to bed, I was saying her prayers.  I love this time because she nuzzles her little face in my neck while we pray.  She is so small that she fits so well there and is just long enough for my torso.  In that moment I thought "Ugh, how has she grown up so much so quickly" and for about 2 hours it made me really sad...

3.  I save greeting cards.  From Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother's Day, and I am not really sure why... but I do and always have.  

4. Every week I wash my laundry in the exact same order: All 3 girls because they require the most folding and hanging, then whites because that's where all of the under shirts (blah) and sock matching happens (blah blah), then our clothes because mostly they are hanging up and are easy to manage, and lastly towels - super easy to fold and put away.

5.  A lot of women around me are pregnant right now, and that makes me just a little bit envious.  I don't want to have another baby any time soon, or maybe ever, but I so miss that exciting fun part of having a baby.. finding out your pregnant, finding out what you're having, and actually having a baby.. just such a sweet time :)

6. I really must insist that the toilet paper go over :)

7.  Sometimes I get anxious that people are angry with me for no reason.  It's random but I do, and then I can't figure out why they are fake mad at me :/

8. I wish I had an English accent and spoke as properly as those who actually do.  I love proper grammar and constantly correct my children.  Even Nugget girl who cannot, in any way, be formed into submission <--- that's a 100% true story.

9. I love the movie teen witch.  Most of you are probably wondering what that movie is even about, BUT the leading ladies last name was... wait for it... Lively!! And in the movie she had a necklace that had magical powers.. when I was like 10 I wanted a necklace just like that.  I got a bubble necklace once, that's just a shoe string with a heart shaped plastic container that held bubbles.  I remember passing by a Chuckie Cheese and rubbing the necklace like I saw in Teen Witch and asking that my mom take us to Chuckie Cheese... obviously her necklace's powers were greater than mine.. <--- seriously a 100% true story. 

10. I am a little disturbed about turning 30.  I can't put my finger on it, but something about not being in my 20's is freaking me out.  When I was 19 I felt like such a grown up turning 20... now I feel like I'm slowly turning into that age that is "old" for teenagers.. How did this happen?  Am I normal?

So there you have it... just a few things that make me wonder if there are others of you out there thinking the same thing.. If you are great.. if you're normal and you're not.. well let's just keep that to your self shall we :)

Today I am Thankful for: 
The ability to be normal or not, and still be awesome :)

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