Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pink Eye, Double Ear Infection, No School... Oh My!

On Saturday Nugget girl woke up with some sleep glued to her eye lashes.  No big deal... until we went to get our Christmas tree and I noticed that she was officially crying sleep from her eyes.  My eyes are watering now just thinking of it :/

I should have known it was coming.  All last week she was very sleepy, cranky, and stubborn.  The cranky/stubborn is normal but the sleepy not so much.  She is almost 4 and this is the first time she has ever really been sick.  But last week before dance this was what was happening in our car...

At first I thought she was reaching for something and then I realized she was not coming back up.  She was knocked out.  She later made a rather large scene at dance class :/ Red Flag number 2...

So we stayed at home all weekend and finally decorated for Christmas.  Our girls have had Christmas trees of their own since Sugar Mama was about 2.  They use all of the ornaments that do not go on the big tree.  Some have been in our family since I was kid, some they have made in school, and some were purchased just for their trees.  They love decorating their own trees because they can control how it looks and I get to look back at all of the ornaments from years past.  

Here is Butterball Turkey.  Doesn't it appear that while the two older girls were decorating their trees, she was reading quietly in her own room?  Yeah let's go with that :)  
Truth: She was tearing ornaments off, breaking some, eating others...
We'll call her Nugget Girl Junior :)

We're on day 3 of the quarantine and Nugget girl is miserable.  She literally has the worst pink eye I have ever seen and apparently has a double ear infection.  One hour, $40 later we had 3 types of meds to clear up this mess.  

Have you ever tried to give a 3 year old eye drops?  If not consider yourself lucky because you'll have to bring the big guns.

Today I am Thankful for: 
Sweet nuzzles from my sweet girl.  Nugget girl is miserable and only mommy's love can comfort her.  Secretly I love this!!

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