Thursday, July 12, 2012

So it Seems..

That my blog this Summer has done nothing but play catch up.

It's been a weird Summer.  We've been so, I cannot underline so enough, LaZy!! No plans, not outings, no field trips, etc.

Before you congratulate me (surely you will), know that's it's not because I wanted to stay at home, but it's sort of how life goes when I'm in school over the Summer.  I tried really, really hard to not have to go since I start full time in the Fall, but it worked out differently, and in the end it's better, but it just makes it harder to get away everyday because I have commitments that I have to live up to that have NOTHING to do with my 3 sweet girls. 

So what have we been up to?

For the 4th we went to High Falls Water park.  And let me tell you, I do not have 1. single. picture.  Because I was flying down those water slides with my sweet girls and thinking the whole time "I should be taking pictures!!" but instead I lived in the moment and had fun trying not to kill myself as I flew down the slides holding Nugget Girl :)

Then we went to see Fireworks at Nash Farms.  We have never been before, but it was a really neat experience.  

Then, I had to have a hair cut.  My hormones dictate what my hair looks like, all the time.  I've been growing it out for sometime now, and it was the longest it's been since 2006.  And then I did the thing I swore I wouldn't do.. and cut it off.
But I had to.  Sunday mornings around here consists of me running around, getting my 3 girls ready, fixing breakfast, getting myself ready (in the last 15 minutes), and straightening up the mess. So I was wearing it in a pony tail way more than I should have been.  Not to mention in a couple of weeks, when my schedule goes bonkers, I'll be thankful I'm not having to manage than mane. 

We visited the dentist yesterday, where I was so happy that my 2 sweet girls were on their best behavior and had no cavities.  Never mind the fact that Nugget girl was eating her toothpaste in the back seat today.. we over look those things :)

And lastly today we visited with only 1 of our favorite people, The Plemons.. he was a big help to us today, locating a water line that is leaking but we sure do wish the Plemons ladies had been with him :)

Photo with a Plemons and the After of the hair :)

Today I am Thankful for: 
A visit with an old friend.  It's hard to believe it has been so long since we've gone to church together.  And I think of all the things that family taught me.  Nothing is every different, it's as if we pick up right where we left off and I love them for that!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Little Catching Up..

Brandon finally came home.  After more than a week in the states, he was flown home 2 Saturday's ago and people lined the streets from the airport to the funeral home.  It was an amazing experience.  Although my heart was heavy and I was reluctant to watch as he passed by, hindsight is that it was an honor to stand among his community and welcome him home, thanking him for his service. 
My family and I stood on Heroes Highway.  Below is a picture of the American Flag hung over Heroes Highway that was a tribute from the Local Firefighters.
I will remember this moment for the rest of my life. 

We said goodbye in a very fitting funeral, again, supported by his community.  It's been an emotional 2 weeks, and only now are things around here beginning to resemble normal.
While we waited for Brandon to come home we celebrated some pretty cool things.

For starters Kj got her very first hair cut.  She is much younger than Sugar Mama or Nugget girl at their first but I could not stand the mullet a minute longer :) Everyone got a haircut (except for Mommy)

Our next big milestone was Sugar Mama's 7th birthday and the Husband's 30th!!  Because my brother was still in town we decided to take them out to dinner since the arrangements were not finalized enough to plan much else.  They sang to both of them (the husband was not expecting it) and they got to keep the hats!!

We even went to Toys-r-Us to let Sugar Mama do a little toy shopping for her birthday.  And who did we run into?  None other than the Biebs himself :)

She wanted to purchase this cut out, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.  Quite frankly it would be so creepy to wake up in the middle of the night and Justin Bieber be standing in your room... that's just me. 

Sunday was Father's day and this is how the husband celebrated...

We bought him a new Iphone and an awesome pair of sunglasses for his birthday/Father's day combo.  He has barely put the phone down since :) This is him showing the girls that he can get Netflix and Disney Junior on his phone now.  

And this is what the last of our week looked like: 

She crawled in my lap and went to sleep.

This past Wednesday my brother flew back to Texas to be with his family and I, as I knew I would be, was in a complete funk.  I cried so hard when I let him out at the airport.  I couldn't even say bye to him family because I was so choked up and when I was sobbing in the car, and I turned to see my nephew saying "Bye Stina" and blowing me kisses, I absolutely lost it.  I cried the whole way home and for the rest of the day.

I won't get to see him until next year when he has his vacation before he deploys to Afghanistan.  I cannot put into words what those words mean now. I will never look at what we do overseas the same way again.  Freedom has never been free, but for the first time it cost us something priceless.  I am simply thankful that Jesus has Brandon now and he can rest in peace.

Today I am Thankful for: 
Have you ever attended a funeral and there was a question in the air about that person's salvation?  It's hard to attend the funeral of a person who hangs in the balance, in your mind at least.  I was so thankful to listen to Tj tell us of the decision Brandon made before he'd joined the army.  I praised God at a funeral... and I'm adding it to the list of new things I experienced these past 2 weeks.  God is good, all the time.  

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

To Celebrate a Life...

It's been an odd few days here at Lively Situation.  Losing a family member will do that to you, but losing a family member in the war, across the world, brings a new set of experiences. 

Today our technology is so advanced that when a person is injured or fatally wounded across the world you know about it almost instantaneously.

What you don't know is that plans, preparations, and reuniting is not.

PFC Brandon Goodine left Afghanistan and arrived in Dover, Delaware on Saturday.  This is the place that all fatally wounded soldiers arrive, because it is here that they do a "Dignified Transfer".  His family meets him on the tarmac and his brothers transfer him to a waiting vehicle. 

This is an actual photo from his transfer.

While his Mother, Father, Sister and Wife were in Delaware meeting him local new stations were contacting my brother because they wanted to do a story on Brandon.

There are no words to describe this process other than humbling.  People who do not even know you, or your family are hurting with you, praying for you, and recognizing him as the hero he was. 

Every news outlet in the state covered his story.  Even some around the country picked it up.  I watched at my brother gave an interview about his loss and cried silently in the background.  I struggled through the parts where he answered questions about how this would affect him when he was deployed.  And I was never more proud then to know that the man speaking was my brother.  

The community has given so much already.  When Brandon's parents went into JcPennys to purchase black clothing for their trip to Delaware the manager of the store closed it to the rest of the public, and when they pulled out their money to pay, he allowed them to leave with the purchase on the house.  

When my brother sought out a local printing company to have car decals made, a customer in the store, who had overheard his story paid for them... without hesitation.

God is good. 

I ask prayer for his mother as she awaits word on when his body will finally be brought home so she can begin the grieving/closure process.  May God grant her and her daughters peace that surpasses all understanding.

And I ask that you never forget all the freedoms we enjoy that are paid for by people like Brandon.

Today I am Thankful for: 
Brandon.  Having known him and his family it's a benefit to my life.  I am also thankful that in moments that grief is overwhelming God picks up the pieces and does our praying for us.  

Friday, June 8, 2012

Sometimes It's Just Not Fair...

Today I covet your prayers.  

I've known this kid his entire life and he was fatally wounded this week fighting in Afghanistan.  

I'm not Pro or Con War.

I'm not overly political.

But at the end of this day my heart physically hurts for a mother who will never get to see her baby's face again. 

I'm angry that there are truly evil people in this world who will live to be 90.

And I am sad that at 20 years old his life was cut short before he even began to experience it fully.

Sometimes life is just not fair.. and today is one of those times. 

Greater love hath no man that this, that a man lay down his life for a friend. John 15:13

Monday, June 4, 2012


I say and believe I cannot do something.. it's true.  If I say and believe I can do something... it's true.  If I say and believe God can do something.. I can change the world.

Because I can't sleep, eat cheetos, despite my hard working out effort, at midnight, I will wake up with the worst stomach ache.

I allow my husband to "force" (read as nag me until I give in) me to do something it will always turn out poorly for me.
Example: The time I allowed him to convince me that the nail shop will wax legs.  He asked them and then they reassured him the could.  She came over and looked at my legs and told me they were to hairy to do it!! <--- 100% true story.  She talked about me for the rest of my visit, even bringing her friends over to look and laugh.  That was the last time I let him "talk me into" anything. 

I forget to buy contact solution I will have to soak my contacts in water, over night.  Which will mean the worst eye pain since pink eye.  I'll be doing this in about 30 minutes. 

I need alone time (read as go to the bathroom :), everyone wants to hang out with me.  And by everyone I mean my girls and Dooley the Bulldog. 

Someone farts around me, I laugh every time.  It's like a disease, it can't be helped.

It's bedtime, you can be assured that I'm watching a Disney Channel show on Netflix.  I'm almost 30.. what's that about?

I see another Charter commercial from the International Dateline on Hulu, I'm going to boycott Charter just on principle. 

I need a laugh, I can always count on my peeps.  If it's not Nugget girl and her passionate argument that she has never had shaving cream (whipped cream) before.. although she ate in on her waffles 5 minutes ago, it's the husband who wonders why K Stewart hasn't gotten her teeth fixed yet, even though she's rich...

I could have lots of jobs they would be: Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at CHOA, Midwife, Owner of an as yet unnamed business on my local square, and a Politician.  

I need a reminder that I'm normal, I just hop on Facebook.  

Jesus had chosen not to save us.. we'd be in a terrible mess.

Today I am Thankful for

The ifs... they matter, they change things, and sometimes they are the only things that keep us going :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's That Time Again..

I've just noticed that it's been two weeks since I last wrote a blog.
It's just that time again.
For the past year I've been at home with all 3 girls, happy to take pictures and write about their daily happenings, and I find myself, now back in school and having trouble keeping up.
We're officially in Summer mode, which means sleeping in, NOT going to bed at 7:30, eating things for breakfast that don't jump start our brain, etc.
But for me it also means actually going to school, studying material, and having to take tests.. 

I looked through my blackberry pictures and only found 2 of Kj that I took when she ate smores last week.

Terrible isn't it?

On another note, as I was reading for Interactive Communications today I learned about Self-fulfilling Prophecy...

If you, or someone else repetitively tells you something.. it comes true.

If I were to tell my 3 girls that they are exceptionally bright, they would do better in school.  Consequently if I were to tell them over and over that they were not smart, and would not do well in school, that would come true as well.

How odd that for the past 3 months I have been saying how Hard, Chaotic, and Stressful school will be in the fall.. but if I continue to think that.. of course it will be.  

I will be busy when school starts.. that's not prophecy, that's reality.  But how I handle the stress will make all the difference.  Perhaps I should write on my mirror, where I will see it everyday 

"You will be able to handle school.  You can do it"...

And maybe, just maybe I will.  It would probably also help if everyone who found out I was going to school in the fall didn't say
"Oh, how will you do that?  Nursing school is so hard, and you have 3 kids".. 

Really?  I hadn't noticed that third kid, glad you mentioned it, or I would have believed for a second I could do it.. Blah!!

So I'm not blogging well right now, but it's not because I'm going to be really busy in the fall, it's because I'm really busy now :)

Today I am Thankful for: 

God's Self-fulfilling prophecy.  He told me more than 2,000 years ago that with him I could do ANYTHING... and he reminds me everyday.  And if he says it, you know it's true.. Don't believe me?  Read Philippians 4:13

Sunday, May 20, 2012

What a Week!!

Wow, it has been an insanely busy week for us!!

Tuesday: 1st Grade Field Day :)

Wednesday: A field trip to the Farm

Friday: Nugget Girl's Last Day of 3K

She was presented the Social Butterfly Award :)

Saturday: Cheerleading registration where we signed both girls up!!

I am convinced that I have a chemical imbalance.
This time of year screams "Goodbye"... we watched our Senior video today in service and I wondered how long it would feel like until I was watching my girls in those videos.  Or how just a short time ago I was doing the same thing.. excited about what the future held, and how I think time has flown by so quickly.  
It makes me cry just thinking of it <---- that's the imbalance part :)

My Nugget girl is going to Pre-K.. and after this week Sugar Mama will be a 2nd grader... 
I start Summer School this Tuesday and I am also imbalanced because I know, just KNOW that I will blink my eyes and my Summer will be over and I'll be sad knowing my Kj will be going to preschool while I go to school.  This too makes me cry :/

I'm off to see my dr. for some hormones :)

Today I am Thankful for: 

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

I am unbalanced and sad.. but it's for a season, and once it's over we'll be better off as a family :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!

This is a picture of my 3 sweet girls that we put together for the grandparents.  Mama J has a tendency to get a little miffed if we spend money on her for any occasion.  These pictures coupled with a frame cost me less than $20 because the frame was on sale at Hobby Lobby for 50% off :) 
My sister, brother and I got together and each took pictures of our children with the words We, Love, You...

We did the same thing for my MIL with only my children since the Husband is an only child. 

This little Turkey was the hardest to photograph of them all :)  But what else can you expect from a person who's 15 months :) We did finally get an okay one, but it is so reflective of her current age I wouldn't have traded it for anything.

Both Mother's loved their presents and Mama J even got all teary saying "You couldn't have given me a better present".. which is a far cry from the "I know your sister is coming to give you something today, you better not have gotten me something for Mother's Day", that I got yesterday.  <--- See Miffed :)

I hope you all have had an amazing day and that you have been spoiled rotten.

Today I am Thankful for: 
My own Mother: The person who taught me to be a mother and whose presence in my life is priceless. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday!!

My Little Addi-Lou-Who.  You are now 4 years old!! 

This is your birthday - 

6:30-Wake up time :)

How old are you today?

The breakfast of champion 4 year olds- donuts :)

You celebrated at school with cupcakes and then came home where you chose Chick-fil-a for dinner with ice cream of course!!

On the day of your Princess Party: 

Look who came all the way from her Tower in the Kingdom.. The long haired Princess :)

As always you had a great time.  You celebrated with the girls from your classroom and partied so hard you were exhausted when the party was done.

Some things I want to remember from this time: 

You wear a 4T and a size 9/10 shoe
You love to sing, your current favorites: Justin Bieber-Baby, The Band Perry-If I die young
You still love Toy Story, but Tangled is running a close second
You are so funny!!  You laugh all the time
You are just starting to talk about God's love and it pleases us to no end!
You can "spell" your name out loud and write it with a weird symbol for the S 
You can count to 20 skipping from 13 to 16 and then keep going
Kj is one of your best friends too.  You have the benefit of being close to O and K!
You have changed our lives immeasurably.

You are so spirited and steadfast in what is right and wrong.  I want to teach you a little self control but to keep that passion in your heart because I know it's exactly how God created you to be!!  You are our middle child that: colors on all the walls, paints the floor with neon blue food coloring, paints your arms/legs with mascara, etc, and life has NEVER been boring since you got here!!

Happy Birthday my Nugget Girl.  I love you to the moon and back!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Welcome To.. Me...

It's Link up day at Kelly's Korner.. Today is all about meeting people in the blogging world that live around/close to you!!

So, Hi!! This is Lively Situation...

I live in Middle Georgia, But South of Atlanta.. 
Here we are a house full of girls, with the husband who does not stand alone, but next to our drooling bulldog.. Dooley.

Me?  I'm a 29.. almost 30 (gulp!!) gal who has 3 girls.. almost 7, 4, and 15 months.  I am currently a professional student with my first glimpse at the end of the tunnel with an acceptance to nursing school in the Fall!!  

I LOVE, LOVE, to read, sing/dance, watch weird shows on television, watch Bulldog football, spend time with my girls/husband, sew, school, school supplies, chocolate, etc.

I am controlling, and overwhelmed most often.  I am uptight and like to disguise my controlling by calling it "being a planner".. I worry about the smallest things and never blink at the big ones.  I'm overly cautious when it comes to my emotions but invite perfect strangers to confide their life stories in me.

Mostly, I'm saved by the Grace of God.  I am controlling and uptight but my life is rooted in the Love of God and the light he has called me to shine in my life.

I hope you'll read through some of these blogs and get to know me a little better.  

Either way, thanks for looking at this Georgia girl :)


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just a Little Friendship...

Remember the good ol' days when a friendship was built over shared crayons, or a need for a partner to push you on the swing?  The ease and innocence of children makes friendship a way of life, instead of a relationship that requires work. 

I struggle with this.  I mentioned it here.  I have made a sincere effort in making those connections.  I started volunteering in the nursery at our church and even joined a discipleship group with 5 other women.  In this discipleship group we've been going through a book that points out toxic thoughts in our everyday life that affects the way we are called to worship.

This week: Friendship

As I was reading I started to feel less and less proud of the steps I had taken.  Not because they weren't good steps but because I started to realize that while I have started to build relationships with these women I am not being the kind of friend God called me to be. 
According to this book we can only have a small group of people with which we are intimate. 
We can have many people that we share the small things with: our family life, stress about kids, our crazy extended family, but for those people we would open up to about EVERYTHING... they are in short supply.

But God calls us to have those relationships because we should want to bear the burdens of our friends.  We should take their pain and feel it so strongly through the love we have for them that we seek God out.  Each person should have a person that can confess their sins to.  A person that when we struggle in our Christian walk we can call and say.. "I need your help".  But can you imagine if all of your facebook friends were to do that to you?  Your shoulders couldn't handle the weight of that grief, but you know a few of those friends you could call, and they would be there and help you through anything.

But our first friend.. the friend that roots all other friendships should be with God. There are moments of intense loneliness that we seek out God's comfort more than other time in our life.  When we seek him, seeking to love him and be loved in return, then we are able to give the friendships in our lives all of ourselves. 

The true aim of friendship is fellowship.  When we are truly invested in our friends we will want to share God and all other aspects of our lives with those friends.  But it's okay for it not to be that deep with everyone.

The part I have the hardest time with: being that vulnerable with another person.  Because true fellowship/friendship requires the risk of putting yourself out there.  You have to trust another person to hear you and still love you on the other side.  Talk about love!!  But God will lead me and you in the right time to invest in new relationships or nurture the ones we already have.  We just have to listen.  But the sad part is that the ease and innocence we once enjoyed on the playground won't be there.  We will have to put ourselves out there, love and be loved, expose our weakness and vulnerabilities, etc.

But I know in my heart that when we love as God called us to love we will never regret it. 

Today I am Thankful for:

The realization of true friendship, and that though I am almost 30 there is still time to build and foster those relationships.. but my God friendship is the most important. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Whew!! What a weekend.  My intention is always to post every other day, or at the very least every third day.. but by the end of every day I am so tired I just don't.  

So this is my Nugget who loves to sit like this in the carpool line waiting to go into school.  She asked me to take her picture and here she is :)

Fridays are our Sweetness days.  Before Sugar Mama has tumbling we usually go and get Ice cream or frozen yogurt to celebrate the end of the week, what isn't great about Fridays? :)
Our frozen yogurt shop is the one where you build your own.. every topping imaginable is available and they love it!!

This weekend we had 2 birthday parties to go to.

First we spent 2 hours at Nugget girls classmate where they spent 1 of those hours on the
Tumblebus.. a school bus cleared out to make a traveling gymnastics gym.
We literally had enough time to go and change into our princess costumes to make it to the 2nd party where we spent 3 hours!!
We met Tiana, from the Princess and the Frog and she did some great face painting!!

My girls had the BEST time.  
And better yet, Sugar Mama went to and survived her very first sleepover.  The husband and I debated for 2 weeks over this.  But she insisted she ALWAYS wanted to go to a sleepover party.  Nugget girl on the other hand was HYSTERICAL when we left Sugar Mama.  I had not considered that they had never been separated, but boy was she upset.
Sugar Mama loved it and was exhausted the next day :)

Today I had to go and be drug tested for the Nursing Program.  What a weird process but I had this little partner in crime with me: 

She was so sociable, waving at everyone who came in and running and laughing in the waiting room.  The other patients loved her!!

The days are flying by and it's crazy how quickly I get behind, but here we are for the moment.

Today I am Thankful for: 

Mama J: I love my Mama and the Lord surely blessed me when he gave me her!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

15 Months...

Kj you are 15 months old!! How can this be?

You are wearing a size 4 diaper still, and still 18 months clothes.
You have 12 teeth.
No weight and Height yet, but we'll update. 

You are running.  Everywhere.  It's insane because your little arms pump back and forth like you're going somewhere and you just laugh.  Until you feet move faster than the rest of your body and you scrape your knees up... again.  You have permanent scraped knees right now.

You eat a lot of what you like, but you're becoming a picky eater.  If you don't want to eat what we give you, you simply toss it off your highchair for Dooley.  He usually lays at your feet during dinner. 

Your favorites: Bananas, Yogurt, Chicken Nuggets, Corn, Goldfish, Vanilla Wafers, Fruit Snacks... to name a few.
Not your favorite: mixed fruit, broccoli, chicken salad.

New words that you can say: 
Belly (elly is what it come out as, but you point to your belly, or mine and say it :)
You love to read and look at books.
You LOVE to push your shopping carts around.
And your new favorite obsession is the playroom.  We've just started allowing you to go up there as long as it's gated off and you love it so much you laugh with delight when you arrive. 

You are so much fun.  You smile constantly and give the best cuddles.  You never take naps, never, but you sleep 12 hours a night.  You wake up SCREAMING everyday, but when I pick you up you simply want to lie your head in my neck and love.  

You are the sweetest contradictions and I cannot remember what like was like before you showed up and changed the game. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

(Some) of My Day in Pictures...

We left the house at 7:40 this morning.. 3 minutes later than normal.  I knew that because as I was loading all 3 kids into the car, I heard the middle school bus beeping signaling it was backing up.. Well Shoot!!

So I worried myself silly saying to myself "Oh, how am I going to go to school full time, do clinicals, study, coach 2 cheerleading teams, and volunteer at the church nursery in the fall, if I can't even get out of the door on time?!?"

We are usually right on time, if not a little early on these mornings.. so that was just my crazy showing itself early :)

Then I came out of bible study and this was stuck in my steering wheel :)

I then went to pick up Sugar Mama from school and she came back one less tooth than I sent her with: 

She informed me that a "magical" first grade teacher pulled it out.  I had a feeling it was ready this morning because it "popped" (gag!!) during breakfast.  But Praise Jesus I did not have to pull this one out too :)

So we had "soft" things for dinner so as not to hurt her now toothless front.  Soft Tacos and pudding: 

Nugget girl: Not so bad, just a minor pudding goate. 

And then there was KJ:

Holy bath time batman.  I watched as she washed her hair with her dirty hands.  She was taken immediately to the bathtub where she was bathed thoroughly. 

Today I am Thankful for: 

The realization that being worried about my children and family in the fall doesn't make me weak.  I am who God made me to be, I cannot and will not change that, but I can be comforted knowing that he only gives us things when the time is right.  I will find help and the rest will get taken care of.  And the worrying I do between now and then does not make me un-faithful, it makes me a mother. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Day with Aunt Stina

This is my niece M & M... 
And most days, this is the face she wears.
Some things I found out about my niece this weekend: 
She is really funny
She is really stubborn
She speaks very softly for someone who is so stubborn
She fights on the smallest things and takes no notice to the big ones
She enjoys bubbles, but not baths
She does not like to wear dresses
Her body is fueled only by junk food
Her favorite place to be: on the "wing"- swing :)
She has hair, exactly, like the twin did when we were kids
She does not like to hold hands
And mostly importantly I learned that she can be such a big girl when it really counts.

She came to spend the night with us this weekend and she has never spent the night off, anywhere, before.
I was nervous. 
For the obvious: 4 (little) girls under one roof-yikes!!, and that she might cry endlessly and loudly when bed time rolled around.
And the not so obvious: what if she doesn't like church school?

But when we came back from picking her up her day rounded out like this: 
2 hours of outside play
a bubble bath
salon style
3 stories read before bed time
and then lights out.. like a champ she went right to sleep :)

This morning she woke up, got dressed, ate breakfast and survived our Sunday Morning Hurricane, and we were 5 minutes early for church.  The heavens surely opened up wide for that one :)

She did great during church school and loved the puppet show.

So Today I was so thankful for her day with Aunt Stina.... we all had a great time and I wouldn't trade the memories for being 10 minutes early for church ;)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Mom to All Girls..

It's true.  We, here at Lively Situation have only girls... three to be exact.  

Sugar Mama - 6.. almost 7.

Nugget Girl - 3.. about to turn 4.

And Kj - 14 months.

Every woman in my family has had a girl first and then a boy... I am the only one who hasn't.  I remember listening to the sonogroapher each time they scanned the bathroom business, wondering if we would see something different, but we were blessed with 3 healthy, beautiful baby girls. 

What does being the mom of Only Girls, mean?

Pink and Purple are the color pallets for everything that is shared with these 3 girls.  They love other colors, but mostly everything we have has some sort of pink in it.

3 kitchens.  As little girls they each have their own style of kitchen and our playroom houses 3 very different ones.. and yes ONE of them is pink :)

Tutus, dresses, princess dress up clothes, fake make up, fake press on nails, hair styling, all things that make having a girl so unique.  

Barbies, babies, princesses... 

Cheerleading and dance are the main staple sports in this house.

Any show on Disney Channel or Nickelodeon... Recently Sugar Mama said something about Ninjago and I had no idea what that meant :)

All of the colorful and beautiful aisles at department stores... I struggle so much when I have to buy a present for a boy in our circle.  I somehow do not think they would appreciate a tangled doll, or bath tub barbies.

All the clothes you can choose from.  There are so many cute styles for girls and so many varieties of outfits that finding something that fits the style of my 3 very different girls is easy.

Dates to share mani/pedis and all things girly with.  My girls love, love, love having their nails painted and I can help imagine days in the future where we will all 4 go and get our nails done and (hopefully) share everything.

I sometimes long for a boy only because as a mother to 3 girls I imagine I would feel a small sense of loss at not having my Mom/Daughter relationship but the Husband loves his girls so much and he's the perfect candidiate to help me raise 3 girls who will be girly, strong, independent women.

In a nutshell being the mom of all girls means drama, hormones, and all things pink.  As for this girl I wouldn't trade a thing! :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Break 2012

This was me and my little Kj last year for Spring Break.
And this year is no different.  My 2 oldest girls begged and pleaded to spend the week with their Gigi and Pops (My Nanny and Pawpaw).
It makes me so happy that they get to spend time with them and to hear the excitement over the fun things they've done this week let's me know, that even though I am bored out of my mind it was totally worth it :)

Here are some pictures of those 2 traveling sisters that I took and some I found when going through (thank you Sugar Mama :)

I took these at Nugget Girl's Easter Egg Hunt at school. 

And this one I found.. for the record, you can check my facebook thoroughly and you will not find a picture of me like this.. where did she get this?!?
Although I do have to wonder what face she was making, the one right after this in my phone is a picture of up her nose :)

And lastly, this is what Kj I have been doing while on Spring Break, this year. 

Doing a little Easter Shopping

She was reading while I was cleaning their rooms :)

And lastly, trying to amuse ourselves because we miss those 2 girls something fierce.  

The sweet, awesome thing is those 2 sweet girls have asked to speak to her every time I've talked with them on the phone.  When I put them on speaker she looked all over the house for them, and when she couldn't find them she was not happy.  So we miss them and it confirms for me that I simply must find a life, and soon because I cannot do this everyday when they grow up and move out.

Today I am Thankful for: 
The opportunity to get things done while they are gone even though I miss them so.  I was able to visit the Easter Bunny today all by myself and that was a big deal.
Oh, and that tomorrow signifies the beginning of the end for the enemy.  
It was a good Friday, they beat, humiliated and hung him on the cross.  But the morning is coming, and evil has no place here.