Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy First Birthday, KJ!!

Our Sweet Baby Girl, is ONE.. can you believe it?  I certainly cannot.  But the right thing to do was celebrate any ways :)

Sugar Mama and Nugget girl loved this decoration.  Instructions can be found here. All the crepe paper is down now and they have treated it like their own private ball room, all afternoon. 

I did the banner myself, but got the instructions for the puffs here. Thank goodness for the husband because my puffs were seriously jacked up until his patient self stepped in and made them fluffy :)

My birthday girl, looking ADORABLE!!

We had pizza, and then.. CAKE!!

She LOVED it!! She really just wanted to stick her face in it and she did a couple of times.   We hosed her off, put her back in her outfit and opened presents.  She got all clothes, 2 toys, and the best present yet.. her very own swing so she can participate in our playground fun.

She stayed in that swing for about 45 minutes.. until her sisters wanted to go jump on the trampoline... where we stayed for another 45 minutes...

After all the fun she finally gave it up and went to sleep in her aunt Heather's lap...

As first birthdays go she had a really good one and she has the stomach ache to prove it.  

Today I am Thankful for: 

The ability to share these experiences with my children.  

Monday, January 16, 2012

I Have A Dream...

It's MLK day.. a vacation day for us, but what do we celebrate?

Sugar Mama was required to know "We celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday because he wanted everyone to be friends".. that was a kindergarten requirement for holiday assessment.  

But it's hard to imagine that in Mama J's lifetime there was once a time when African American citizens were not allowed to eat at the same table, drink from the same fountain, go to the same school, vote...

How incredibly sad.  

But what remains more sad is that as an adult I don't know a lot about the struggle Dr. Martin Luther King fought... So today I watched this..

The disdain for his message is evident in the questions asked of Dr. King.. How did we live in a nation that refused to let an entire population vote... ?

Dr. King was so articulate, calm, assertive, educated... the list goes on and on.  He won his fight because when the enemy slayed his people, beat the innocent, and refused the masses.. he sat and waited for the answer.. he marched for the solution.. and he died for his dream.

Since that time we have come so far.. and yet we have a long way to go.

Today I am Thankful for: 

A man.. who had a dream that all people would be seen as equals, the way God intended them to be... who paid with his life teaching the world that God created souls.. not colors.. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Almost Counts..

Have you ever heard that saying "Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades?"

Well let me tell you where it also counts: Cancer and Heart Defibrillators 

On Tuesday morning Mama J called with the results that she almost has cervical cancer.  For those of you thinking "almost" I can explain it like this -  When you have abnormal pap results you will be asked to have a follow up examine.. if those results come back abnormal then a biopsy of the area is done.. it will show cancer cells, the beginning formation of cancer cells, etc. Almost means they caught the cells in time before they started with real damage, or moving to other areas. 

6 months ago she came back with a clean scan.. no abnormal cells.
In December her scan came back with severe cells.. so basically it's not cancer yet. 

Believe me when I say almost certainly counts here.  

While on the phone with Mama J, The twin called to say that she had received a message from my dad and my PawPaw was in the hospital... 

This is him...

Things were not looking good.  I went up to the hospital and as I was making my way up to the Critical Care Unit I heard a call for a Code Blue.. I knew immediately it was him.

His heart had gone into v-tech several times and the nursing/doctor staff shocked him no less that 7 times that day.

In just over 2 weeks my grandmother (his wife) will have been gone for 10 years.  He had just said to my dad on Sunday that he was tired and wanted to go be with my Nanny.  

I sat next to his hospital bed on Tuesday and just cried, and cried.  He looked so frail and thin and I just knew in my heart that he was tired of fighting but it hurt because he and I have had the Jesus conversation.  He was adamant about not having that relationship.

It just broke my heart.. He wanted to badly to give up and go be with my nanny, but if he didn't make a decision to have a relationship he wouldn't be with her again.

I prayed without any real direction because I couldn't say that prayer for him. 

But God is so amazing and always gives more than we could hope for.

Yesterday he woke up, they turned down his respirator and now he's awake and being his grumpy old self.  He's not out of the woods yet, but for me his progress is a glowing reminder that God always keeps his promises.  And when a situation looks so bleak we have no direction with our prayers, he always intercedes and gives us exactly what we need, whether we knew we need that or not. 

Today I am Thankful for: 

God's Promises: He never leaves us, never gives up on us.  His desire is to see everyone have everlasting life with him and the Father... death has no power here. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Doing It My Way...

When we toured our soon to be home I was so excited that all of the walls in the house were painted I could barely stand it.  In the rental house we lived in for 3 years every. single. wall. was carpenters beige.. the cheapest, most bland color ever invented for walls.

Slowly over the past year and a half, I discovered that I do not enjoy living in a house that someone else decorated.  I have a newly discovered sense of urgency to make my home into something I picked out.. 

So 2012 has started with a little Master Bedroom Make-Over..

Here is a before picture of my closet.. carpenters beige.. Oh no it did not!!  

And an After... The husband and I picked out Blue Lagoon...

We moved the shelving units out of this space.. put our chest of drawers in it's place and took the shelving that was housing all of my books (tears) and moved them to put shoes on...

I cannot express how much I love it!!

This is our bedroom Before.. Well Sort of Before.. I had already started moving some things out :)

And Viola, After!!  Blue Lagoon again and we changed the position of our bed..

A picture of our 2 oldest sweetest girls.. I had this made and never bought a frame for it.  The blue in their dresses (walls) and the stark white of the frame (our trim) and it looks so great on that wall :)

Lamps I picked up at Hobby Lobby @ 50% off!!

This is our dresser minus the mirror.  We plan on mounting the television but for monetary purposes it can stay like that for a while :)

To say I am in love with it is such an understatement.  My bedding was a great deal @ Kohls, My M-I-L bought me a blanket last Christmas that goes perfectly with this bedding and I had not seen it in over a year so God was so good in the planning of this room.  

Today I am Thankful for: 

A home to call my own, and the ability to make it exactly how I want it :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

From Somewhere in the Back of my Mind..

I have a pretty good memory.  It is very rare for me to forget a face.  If I see it once I can usually pick it out of the most random places.

Mama J called today and immediately I could tell that her voice sounded a little off.  I didn't ask right away because after talking to her for just a moment she usually spills whatever it is that's bothering her.  She does have a lot going on and so a little weariness to her voice isn't abnormal.

But my memory failed me today.. I forgot about the thing I told myself to remember.  

But my memory redeemed itself as I listened to her explain the results of the thing I told myself to remember... I heard the word dysplasia...

That word was ringing back to me from this past summer.. it was a test question..

What does dysplasia indicate?
a. A mature growth
b. Hormone replacement
c. Cancer

Dysplasia is an abnormal remodeling of cells basically meaning that they rearrange their selves into something different.. and it almost always leads to cancer...

So I forgot to remember the results Mama J would be getting, but I remembered the thing that would help me forget everything else I was dealing with.

It's not necessarily cancer... Mama J is going to a consultation tomorrow to discuss treatment for dysplasia, which almost always leads to cancer... something tells me I won't forget to remember this in the future.  

Wednesday, January 4, 2012