Thursday, January 12, 2012

Doing It My Way...

When we toured our soon to be home I was so excited that all of the walls in the house were painted I could barely stand it.  In the rental house we lived in for 3 years every. single. wall. was carpenters beige.. the cheapest, most bland color ever invented for walls.

Slowly over the past year and a half, I discovered that I do not enjoy living in a house that someone else decorated.  I have a newly discovered sense of urgency to make my home into something I picked out.. 

So 2012 has started with a little Master Bedroom Make-Over..

Here is a before picture of my closet.. carpenters beige.. Oh no it did not!!  

And an After... The husband and I picked out Blue Lagoon...

We moved the shelving units out of this space.. put our chest of drawers in it's place and took the shelving that was housing all of my books (tears) and moved them to put shoes on...

I cannot express how much I love it!!

This is our bedroom Before.. Well Sort of Before.. I had already started moving some things out :)

And Viola, After!!  Blue Lagoon again and we changed the position of our bed..

A picture of our 2 oldest sweetest girls.. I had this made and never bought a frame for it.  The blue in their dresses (walls) and the stark white of the frame (our trim) and it looks so great on that wall :)

Lamps I picked up at Hobby Lobby @ 50% off!!

This is our dresser minus the mirror.  We plan on mounting the television but for monetary purposes it can stay like that for a while :)

To say I am in love with it is such an understatement.  My bedding was a great deal @ Kohls, My M-I-L bought me a blanket last Christmas that goes perfectly with this bedding and I had not seen it in over a year so God was so good in the planning of this room.  

Today I am Thankful for: 

A home to call my own, and the ability to make it exactly how I want it :)

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