Monday, January 9, 2012

From Somewhere in the Back of my Mind..

I have a pretty good memory.  It is very rare for me to forget a face.  If I see it once I can usually pick it out of the most random places.

Mama J called today and immediately I could tell that her voice sounded a little off.  I didn't ask right away because after talking to her for just a moment she usually spills whatever it is that's bothering her.  She does have a lot going on and so a little weariness to her voice isn't abnormal.

But my memory failed me today.. I forgot about the thing I told myself to remember.  

But my memory redeemed itself as I listened to her explain the results of the thing I told myself to remember... I heard the word dysplasia...

That word was ringing back to me from this past summer.. it was a test question..

What does dysplasia indicate?
a. A mature growth
b. Hormone replacement
c. Cancer

Dysplasia is an abnormal remodeling of cells basically meaning that they rearrange their selves into something different.. and it almost always leads to cancer...

So I forgot to remember the results Mama J would be getting, but I remembered the thing that would help me forget everything else I was dealing with.

It's not necessarily cancer... Mama J is going to a consultation tomorrow to discuss treatment for dysplasia, which almost always leads to cancer... something tells me I won't forget to remember this in the future.  

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