Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy First Birthday, KJ!!

Our Sweet Baby Girl, is ONE.. can you believe it?  I certainly cannot.  But the right thing to do was celebrate any ways :)

Sugar Mama and Nugget girl loved this decoration.  Instructions can be found here. All the crepe paper is down now and they have treated it like their own private ball room, all afternoon. 

I did the banner myself, but got the instructions for the puffs here. Thank goodness for the husband because my puffs were seriously jacked up until his patient self stepped in and made them fluffy :)

My birthday girl, looking ADORABLE!!

We had pizza, and then.. CAKE!!

She LOVED it!! She really just wanted to stick her face in it and she did a couple of times.   We hosed her off, put her back in her outfit and opened presents.  She got all clothes, 2 toys, and the best present yet.. her very own swing so she can participate in our playground fun.

She stayed in that swing for about 45 minutes.. until her sisters wanted to go jump on the trampoline... where we stayed for another 45 minutes...

After all the fun she finally gave it up and went to sleep in her aunt Heather's lap...

As first birthdays go she had a really good one and she has the stomach ache to prove it.  

Today I am Thankful for: 

The ability to share these experiences with my children.  

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