Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lively Situation and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day...

Today has been one of those days.

Well who am I kidding, it's turning into one of those weeks.  

For the past 2 days I felt as though my days have been so busy I simply cannot sit down for even a minute.  But today it started off pretty bad.

Here's a little truth: I struggle with knowing the right thing to do when a situation gets confrontational.  I have been so taken advantage in my life that I thought biblical it's what God called me to do.. just sit there and take it.
He does say that I should forgive, and that angry is okay but to sin while I'm angry is his line in the sand.

So this morning when I realized that something had been taken from my little Nugget girl and I sent a text to retrieve our item a whole lot of chaos broke loose and I swore that I would finally confront this situation head on, without being drawn into a screaming match... I lasted all of 2 minutes and then I lost it.  I was so angry I was vibrating and I wanted to lash out, say ugly nasty, immature things, but I didn't.  Instead I took a breath, I reminded myself that God does not call me to live with toxicity in my life.  I can pray, love, and think of this person often and not have them a part of my life, and that is okay.  

God will lead from here, and if you're wondering I do not feel bad about losing my temper.  I have held if for so long now I praise God and his presence in my life because honestly it could have been worse. 

Then I had Bible Study.. talk about timing.. I had to pray to rid myself and my heart of that anger before I could go in and get riled up about a totally different situation affecting our church right now and just accepted then that it had in fact turned into the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day.

Our smallest girl was so cranky during our lesson that I didn't contribute at all and after the 3 hours was over I was spent, annoyed at feeling like I was distracting, and tired.  

I picked up my Nugget girl and was reminded that she is going through something.  I have no idea what it is or where it came from but I feel like, at almost 4, we are going through the terrible 2's all over again.. I wonder if she feels as run down as I do about all of the conversations we have everyday.. No getting food without asking, no hitting, no telling me no, please for the 4,000 time do not pick things up off the floor and eat them... It's exhausting. 

Then our smallest girl didn't nap, I had to have a conversation with my Nanny that I hoped did not hurt her feelings but forced me to be honest with her about the screaming match I was apart of.

Homework, spelling words, vocabulary words, reading... dinner, waking a very sleepy husband up, bath time, screaming baby.. I forgot to buy spaghetti sauce from the store...

I'm spent.. it's been a rotten day and I can only hope and pray that tomorrow's sun shines brighter.  It's looking a little scary since it's Pajama Day at Sugar Mama's school and Dress like your favorite Seuss Character for Nugget girl.
Note: Making a Cat in the Hat, Hat is not as easy as it sounds... But she will be eating Green and Eggs and Ham, Sam I am :)

Today I am Thankful for: 
Everything: What would I have tomorrow if I woke up with only the things I had thanked God for today?  
Everything... even this terrible, rotten day gave me great insight to my God and reminded me that we are all flesh, human, imperfect sinners who have been fortunate to be saved into Sainthood.  Everything rotten makes the moment of peace that much more profound. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Very Lazy Weekend..

I've given up Facebook for Lent... I'm not the only one giving up something technological and doesn't that say everything about my generation?  That being said, I don't miss it per se.. I'm not all that active on it anyways, but I have friends on there that I don't get to see very often, if at all so I'm kind of missing them.  

I am not missing the status updates that make me irritable.  The ones that are so naggy that you wonder if he or she has anything else to say.. or the ones from the person that is constantly sick.. I sometimes want to scream at the computer "TAKE a VITAMIN B shot!!".. and that's why I'm taking a break.. not because it takes away my time with Jesus, but because my spirit is showing itself in ways other than the way Jesus said it should...

With that over, we have had a ridiculously boring, uneventful weekend.  I mean we haven't left the house is 2 days with the exception of taking Sugar Mama to tumbling last night and it has felt so good.  I have been on the couch for the entire day, reading, not taking pictures or making memories.. simply allowing my self to rest, my children to play on their playground/trampoline all afternoon and that be that.  

Here are a few random photos from our week: 

My Valentines Day Tulips :)

I hear "Mommy, Mommy I so scared" from the living room.  And when I round the corner this is what I see... she was trying to get the "shaving" cream off of the top shelf.. (whipped cream) and got stuck... 

But, who could resist this.. even when she does things like that?

My chef in the making.. she always wants to help out in the kitchen.. 

We had our 3K sock hop!! So much fun and here were my ladies (well 2 of them :)

These are my 2 girls who were.. wait for it.. UNLOADING the dishwasher.. together.. unassisted.. without fighting... I was so stunned I took a picture and gave them money :)

Today I am Thankful for: 
 Honesty: This week I was absolutely blown away to find out that I had been 100% deceived by something... I still am unable to comprehend it.  And I think to myself that I am apart of a generation that doesn't know what it means to be honest.  Honesty counts for something.. it's where trust begins.  It is one of the two things I insist my children be above anything else in their lives.  I pray we all find honesty within ourselves.  

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Little Flower Pots

Over the weekend I went to Home Depot to get some planters for my flowers I received for Valentines Day.  The husband was listening when I said that any flowers he got me would be greatly appreciated if I could replant them in my front yard.  So my tulips and hydrangea needed a new home.  

Once there Sugar Mama and Nugget girl decided they too needed pots and then flowers to put in them.. It was only $3 per pot so I relented...

Today we painted those pots...

This is Nugget girls area... she ruined a shirt and almost a skirt with this art work :)

After some cleaning, Nugget and our smallest girl were just hanging out...

And then while I was unloading the dishwasher I noticed this...

This child is climbing on everything!!  Just yesterday while I was talking to the husband, who was in the playroom, from the bottom of the steps, I looked down and she was half way up them.. WHY, oh Why is she climbing on everything now?  Isn't it enough that she's running everywhere she goes?  

And then I get this... this sweet little smile while she's loving on her daddy and I think oh, how they just make my every day worth it.

Today I am Thankful for: 
My Marriage: I love the husband very much, but our marriage takes work.  I am so thankful that we love each other enough to work everyday, even when we're too tired, or over run by kids.  He's here at the end of my day and that too is worth all the rest. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Reasons Why Date Night Is So Awesome..

1. The Excitement.. sure it took me about 4 hours to make breakfast, pack simultaneously, bathe all 3 children, blow dry and style hair of Nugget girl and Sugar Mama, shower, apply make-up, style my own hair.. but, BUT I was so excited that the chaos was totally worth it. 

2. The awesome, yet heartbreaking moment when I feel a little anxious and sad about leaving them with Mama J.. even the smallest girl, and they are having so much fun that they could not care less that we're leaving :/  (This one may be less than awesome.. but you win some, you lose some)

3.  The husband opens the door for me.. Usually we are rolling children in like clowns at the circus amidst squeals of "Hurry Mommy so we can beat daddy (we are racing daddy to get all of us buckled up before he does), where daddy inevitably cheats and unbuckles my seat belt before snapping his own at the last minute to declare a false victory.  

4.  A meal where I did not.. even one time have to: Share my food, stop eating - or not eat at all because I am shoveling food into the mouth of our smallest girl, say - "Stop arguing over crayons".. "Please sit on your bottom".. "Please use your manners".. "Please do not stick your fingers in your food"... "Please sit in your seat, no under the table doesn't work.. no not in my lap either.. in your seat!!"

5.  Going to the bathroom without a production or processional.  Taking 2 girls with me it's always a production of: Okay come in, don't touch anything.. (roll out toilet paper to put on the seat),  use the bathroom "Still don't touch anything" pull child off the toilet.. pull up pants and sleeves, wash hands "Do not touch anything" 
Repeat a 2nd time... 
On date night... I do not have to do this!!

6. Going to the movies... We got to see a movie with grown ups that did not include a valuable life lesson.. instead it was funny, inappropriate, and not animated.  I got to pick out popcorn, a drink, and candy without taking into account caffeine or sugar content. 

7. The end of date night... I went to sleep at 10:30 and did not wake up again until 9:15 a.m.  I'm not sure if my body had gotten all the sleep it needed or it woke because it was so stunned from sleeping so long it was just checking to make sure I wasn't dead.. either way.. it doesn't get better than that.

8.  A breakfast with my husband, alone.. 

9.  And lastly a warm welcome from my sweet girls when I walk through the door.  They might not have noticed my leaving but my coming back is quite the thing :)

Here are my ladies having fun at an awesome birthday party yesterday.. 

And our smallest playing with the foam ring at Mama J's house.

Today I am Thankful for: 

This week, with God's help I finally received a resolution to a problem I've been fighting for 8 years.  Nothing scary but definitely a struggle and he helped me get it taken care of.  Sometimes the fight is hard, but with him EVERYTHING is possible.. no matter what the world has to say about the matter. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Salad

Nothing particularly exciting happened this weekend so I thought I'd share all of the recent photos that didn't find a home in recent posts. 

Here is my smallest girl sporting her adorable coat and hat she received as a Christmas present from the twin. 

My Nugget girl.  She was giving some sweet hugs and sugars because she wasn't feeling very well.  Notice the red nose.  But she's all better now :)

My Smallest girl wearing a chocolate smile.  When we go to the store, if my children are good listeners we allow them to pick a prize.  It's usually chocolate and this sweet face was no exception.  For note this is what happens when you allow a 1 year old to eat chocolate in her car seat :)

This little Sugar Mama likes to climb in my bed very stealth like.  Usually she sleeps at the foot of the bed, crawling under the comforter folded at the end.  This morning she was just lying in my bed like she owned the place.  It's weird to go to bed alone and wake up with a partner.. even if it is my own children.  Also important to note: the light on the camera of my blackberry is BLINDING.. she was dead asleep before I took this. 

This partial rainbow was in the sky on a day when I could really use it.  They make me happy because I know they are from God.  Seeing it is so peaceful, just a little friendly reminder that God keeps his promises... always. 

Speaking of things that make me happy.. these are what I call Amish cookies.  I call them that because the recipe came from a series of Christian Amish books that I was an avid reader of.  They are so good that when I make them I have to make lots.  I recently shared the recipe with a co-worker of the husband... not with a giving heart :)  But I don't share my secrets to making them awesome.  

Today I am Thankful for: 

The sweet Valentines Projects of my two oldest girls over the weekend.  

The love and happiness I inspire in my smallest girl, despite the fact that she calls anything and everyone "Daddy".

My husband.  How in the world did I end up with such an amazing man?  Don't get me wrong sometimes I simply want to poke him in the eyes he annoys me so, but mostly he is my safe haven and my life would not be the same without him. 

I openly, with freedom, walked in my church this morning.  I am able to raise my hands, sing praise and learn without persecution.  May the Lord keep my heart seeking him knowing that others will die just trying.  

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Not Easy but Certainly Worth It.

First let me say: Happy 2 year anniversary to Lively Situation!! 

Tuesdays are my bible study days.  I love the group of women that I learn with.  I am the youngest at 29 and then we run across the board to ladies into their 60's.  

When we first started (over the Summer) we met at 5:00 pm and then with the start of school our time moved to in the mornings.  It works out for me in that after I drop the Nugget off for pre-school I stay on campus for our meeting until she gets out.  Since the morning meetings started our smallest girl has been going with.  I have to pull her out of bed on these mornings to go, feed her breakfast in the car, and then hold her for most of the meeting despite the mountain of toys that I lug out every week.

This past Tuesday while I was quickly changing her clothes/diaper to scoot out the door and get the other 2 girls to school on time I actually thought to myself: 

"I am going to bible study.. would it be too much to ask for her to be cooperative this morning?"  

Ha! My brain decided that serving in my small capacity was enough to grant me the reward of a smooth morning.  And it occurred to me that going to bible study wouldn't grant me any reward but more than likely I'd face opposition since my not going would mean defeat.

And by going I was showing my girls that opposition in the form of stress, cranky children, etc. is not a good enough reason to be defeated when there can be so many blessings gained by persevering and showing up with children that may or may not let you listen fully, but I'm still there to half listen and share my love with others.  

So, no.. dragging all 3 girls out of bed and having a cranky baby to deal with on bible study days in not easy, but it is more than worth it when I leave with a joyful heart and full spirit. 

Today I am Thankful for: 

Growth: God is showing me so many things about myself that I'm staring to really see who he wishes me to be.  Again, not easy but certainly worth it. 

And for these two photos: 

The first is after this particularly frazzled day my girls and I played on the playground and jumped on the trampoline.. and magically all my frustrations just flew away ;)

And for this sweet girl who lost her first front tooth... this just got real!