Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Little Flower Pots

Over the weekend I went to Home Depot to get some planters for my flowers I received for Valentines Day.  The husband was listening when I said that any flowers he got me would be greatly appreciated if I could replant them in my front yard.  So my tulips and hydrangea needed a new home.  

Once there Sugar Mama and Nugget girl decided they too needed pots and then flowers to put in them.. It was only $3 per pot so I relented...

Today we painted those pots...

This is Nugget girls area... she ruined a shirt and almost a skirt with this art work :)

After some cleaning, Nugget and our smallest girl were just hanging out...

And then while I was unloading the dishwasher I noticed this...

This child is climbing on everything!!  Just yesterday while I was talking to the husband, who was in the playroom, from the bottom of the steps, I looked down and she was half way up them.. WHY, oh Why is she climbing on everything now?  Isn't it enough that she's running everywhere she goes?  

And then I get this... this sweet little smile while she's loving on her daddy and I think oh, how they just make my every day worth it.

Today I am Thankful for: 
My Marriage: I love the husband very much, but our marriage takes work.  I am so thankful that we love each other enough to work everyday, even when we're too tired, or over run by kids.  He's here at the end of my day and that too is worth all the rest. 

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