Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Not Easy but Certainly Worth It.

First let me say: Happy 2 year anniversary to Lively Situation!! 

Tuesdays are my bible study days.  I love the group of women that I learn with.  I am the youngest at 29 and then we run across the board to ladies into their 60's.  

When we first started (over the Summer) we met at 5:00 pm and then with the start of school our time moved to in the mornings.  It works out for me in that after I drop the Nugget off for pre-school I stay on campus for our meeting until she gets out.  Since the morning meetings started our smallest girl has been going with.  I have to pull her out of bed on these mornings to go, feed her breakfast in the car, and then hold her for most of the meeting despite the mountain of toys that I lug out every week.

This past Tuesday while I was quickly changing her clothes/diaper to scoot out the door and get the other 2 girls to school on time I actually thought to myself: 

"I am going to bible study.. would it be too much to ask for her to be cooperative this morning?"  

Ha! My brain decided that serving in my small capacity was enough to grant me the reward of a smooth morning.  And it occurred to me that going to bible study wouldn't grant me any reward but more than likely I'd face opposition since my not going would mean defeat.

And by going I was showing my girls that opposition in the form of stress, cranky children, etc. is not a good enough reason to be defeated when there can be so many blessings gained by persevering and showing up with children that may or may not let you listen fully, but I'm still there to half listen and share my love with others.  

So, no.. dragging all 3 girls out of bed and having a cranky baby to deal with on bible study days in not easy, but it is more than worth it when I leave with a joyful heart and full spirit. 

Today I am Thankful for: 

Growth: God is showing me so many things about myself that I'm staring to really see who he wishes me to be.  Again, not easy but certainly worth it. 

And for these two photos: 

The first is after this particularly frazzled day my girls and I played on the playground and jumped on the trampoline.. and magically all my frustrations just flew away ;)

And for this sweet girl who lost her first front tooth... this just got real!

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