Sunday, February 19, 2012

Reasons Why Date Night Is So Awesome..

1. The Excitement.. sure it took me about 4 hours to make breakfast, pack simultaneously, bathe all 3 children, blow dry and style hair of Nugget girl and Sugar Mama, shower, apply make-up, style my own hair.. but, BUT I was so excited that the chaos was totally worth it. 

2. The awesome, yet heartbreaking moment when I feel a little anxious and sad about leaving them with Mama J.. even the smallest girl, and they are having so much fun that they could not care less that we're leaving :/  (This one may be less than awesome.. but you win some, you lose some)

3.  The husband opens the door for me.. Usually we are rolling children in like clowns at the circus amidst squeals of "Hurry Mommy so we can beat daddy (we are racing daddy to get all of us buckled up before he does), where daddy inevitably cheats and unbuckles my seat belt before snapping his own at the last minute to declare a false victory.  

4.  A meal where I did not.. even one time have to: Share my food, stop eating - or not eat at all because I am shoveling food into the mouth of our smallest girl, say - "Stop arguing over crayons".. "Please sit on your bottom".. "Please use your manners".. "Please do not stick your fingers in your food"... "Please sit in your seat, no under the table doesn't work.. no not in my lap either.. in your seat!!"

5.  Going to the bathroom without a production or processional.  Taking 2 girls with me it's always a production of: Okay come in, don't touch anything.. (roll out toilet paper to put on the seat),  use the bathroom "Still don't touch anything" pull child off the toilet.. pull up pants and sleeves, wash hands "Do not touch anything" 
Repeat a 2nd time... 
On date night... I do not have to do this!!

6. Going to the movies... We got to see a movie with grown ups that did not include a valuable life lesson.. instead it was funny, inappropriate, and not animated.  I got to pick out popcorn, a drink, and candy without taking into account caffeine or sugar content. 

7. The end of date night... I went to sleep at 10:30 and did not wake up again until 9:15 a.m.  I'm not sure if my body had gotten all the sleep it needed or it woke because it was so stunned from sleeping so long it was just checking to make sure I wasn't dead.. either way.. it doesn't get better than that.

8.  A breakfast with my husband, alone.. 

9.  And lastly a warm welcome from my sweet girls when I walk through the door.  They might not have noticed my leaving but my coming back is quite the thing :)

Here are my ladies having fun at an awesome birthday party yesterday.. 

And our smallest playing with the foam ring at Mama J's house.

Today I am Thankful for: 

This week, with God's help I finally received a resolution to a problem I've been fighting for 8 years.  Nothing scary but definitely a struggle and he helped me get it taken care of.  Sometimes the fight is hard, but with him EVERYTHING is possible.. no matter what the world has to say about the matter. 

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