Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Very Lazy Weekend..

I've given up Facebook for Lent... I'm not the only one giving up something technological and doesn't that say everything about my generation?  That being said, I don't miss it per se.. I'm not all that active on it anyways, but I have friends on there that I don't get to see very often, if at all so I'm kind of missing them.  

I am not missing the status updates that make me irritable.  The ones that are so naggy that you wonder if he or she has anything else to say.. or the ones from the person that is constantly sick.. I sometimes want to scream at the computer "TAKE a VITAMIN B shot!!".. and that's why I'm taking a break.. not because it takes away my time with Jesus, but because my spirit is showing itself in ways other than the way Jesus said it should...

With that over, we have had a ridiculously boring, uneventful weekend.  I mean we haven't left the house is 2 days with the exception of taking Sugar Mama to tumbling last night and it has felt so good.  I have been on the couch for the entire day, reading, not taking pictures or making memories.. simply allowing my self to rest, my children to play on their playground/trampoline all afternoon and that be that.  

Here are a few random photos from our week: 

My Valentines Day Tulips :)

I hear "Mommy, Mommy I so scared" from the living room.  And when I round the corner this is what I see... she was trying to get the "shaving" cream off of the top shelf.. (whipped cream) and got stuck... 

But, who could resist this.. even when she does things like that?

My chef in the making.. she always wants to help out in the kitchen.. 

We had our 3K sock hop!! So much fun and here were my ladies (well 2 of them :)

These are my 2 girls who were.. wait for it.. UNLOADING the dishwasher.. together.. unassisted.. without fighting... I was so stunned I took a picture and gave them money :)

Today I am Thankful for: 
 Honesty: This week I was absolutely blown away to find out that I had been 100% deceived by something... I still am unable to comprehend it.  And I think to myself that I am apart of a generation that doesn't know what it means to be honest.  Honesty counts for something.. it's where trust begins.  It is one of the two things I insist my children be above anything else in their lives.  I pray we all find honesty within ourselves.  

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