Saturday, March 31, 2012

Beyond Words...

I haven't blogged a lot this week because I've been under more stress in the past 7 days than ever before in my life.  Period.  The end.  

Here's the thing.  I've been keeping a secret.

NO!! I am NOT Pregnant :)

But this was me almost 2 months ago: 

After my devastating turn here. I gave it another shot.

For 2 months I have waited, and waited.  I've gone to the mailbox so nervous, I was convinced that I wouldn't make the trip back without being sick.  When I heard the mail truck come around everyday I'd run and look to see if there was any news.  Thursday I was so convinced I would know something, that when nothing came I was physically ill.  

It has been the most stressful week of my life. 

Today, I got this.  Go ahead read it, I'll wait. 

O. M. Geeeeeeee this ladies and gentleman is my acceptance letter to the nursing program!!!!!! I start in August.

I opened that mailbox today, without knowing if the mail had actually ran, and there sat a cream colored envelope with the logo for my school.  Immediately I started to shake.  I was either going to get in, or be wait listed.  I asked Sugar Mama to hold the other 2 pieces of mail (the most insignificant pieces ever :) and opened the envelope as I walked back to my house.

In my mind this played out like: I would calmly stand at the mailbox and open it, be excited and walk back in and be excited with my husband.

It actually happened like this: I opened the envelope read only the words congratulations, acceptance, fall 2012, I turned and said to Sugar Mama "Mommy got into the nursing program" where she immediately ran and gave me a hug (treasured moment) and then we sprinted to the house (I haven't ran that fast in a great many years)
I threw open the screen door and screamed "Babe, I got it!! I got in!!."  He jumped and twirled with me and then I called Mama J.  My husband and I shed a few happy tears together and then I shouted from the roof tops to anyone who would listen.

P.S. This is a really bad time to be off of facebook :/

I've been so happy all day.  I feel like that silly cliche that says "Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life".. only for me it's totally true.  Life will change so much in a couple of months and while I am anxious over the change the joy I feel over this moment, this day of my life I am content in knowing that God has always had it and will do  just fine without my interference from here.

So there you go ladies and gentlemen, this girl, she's going to school to be a nurse.

Isn't that so flippin' awesome?!?

Today I am Thankful for: 

The reminder that he always saw this.  He knows my life all the way to the end but he still gave me this moment of recognition in how hard the past 4 years have been and how much it's absolutely worth it!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

My Name is Christina, And I'm...

A Control Freak.

There, I said it...

We're doing a new book in my discipleship group about how the enemy (that's satan) takes the things God gives us in truth and turns them around, leading us to believe lies about ourselves that distract from who God truly wants us to be.

I'm a controller because in my mind it gives me a sense of security (false) and I have trained myself to believe that if everyone sees me having it under control that they will know I'm a good: mom, wife, student, child of God, person, etc.  

But the thing is that I can't be perfect, or any variation of perfection because that's like telling God that the job he's doing isn't good enough so I'll just take care of it from here.  And that, my friends, is jacked up.  

So I read my chapter, underlining almost every word and shaking my head.. my thoughts going "Yep, that's me... uh huh me too... oh yeah every-day!!!"

And what I'm assured I'll learn is that leaving my house while things are sitting around will not ruin my life.  Organization is not the way to heaven, and lastly that when fellow moms see me out, at say the post office, and I am struggling to scratch the address of my nephew, whose birthday was yesterday and who is anxiously awaiting his present from his aunt Stina, and one of my children is climbing on the outer portions of the counter while the other, smaller one tries desperately to escape: You will not judge me because you will not expect perfection of me... 

Well, even if you'll still judge me, the one thing I do know is that God still loves me when I let those small things alter my mood and he's going to love me to the point that those things don't matter any more, which surely must be eternity :)

Today I am Thankful for: 
This Monday: I can't stand Monday's because they are so busy filled with the things that didn't get done over the weekend.  But today I silently prayed "God I give this day to you".. and you know what?.. it was smooth.  I got more done than I expected and my laundry is washed, dried, folded and put away and that enough to be thankful for right there :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

14 Months

My sweet little KJ, you are officially 14 months old.  Here are some of the things you are doing: 

You wear a size 4 diaper, 18 month clothes and a size 4 shoe.  
You love to take your shoes off in the car... which makes you our 3rd child to love this :)

You no longer walk but run everywhere you go.  From the last post you can see the huge bruise you acquired when you face planted into the fireplace.  I think your feet move faster than the rest of your body and it makes you a little wobbly sometimes.

You love to eat, just about anything.  Your favorites: Popsicles, yogurt, cheese, applesauce, jello, crackers, bananas, chicken nuggets and mostly Bolthouse juices. 

You are so loving, one of my most favorite things you do is walking up and giving Sugars.. it started with a wide open mouth just going straight for the face.  Now you walk up and give a fish face and make an actual kissing sound.  It is so sweet.  You hold your hands out like you want me to give you something but this means "up".. we are working on saying up instead of the screaming :)

Sleep: you do well at night, but naps are non-existent if not a nightmare.  You prefer to sleep in the car on the way to get your sisters.  And since they get out of school at different times you get 2 short little naps, which are just enough to give you the fuel for the rest of the day.   But when you go to sleep at night you sleep for 12 hours.. so it's sort of okay :)

 This is what you look like when you wake up in the car :)

Words you can say: 
Bye Bye
Thank You
Uh Oh
Sister (sounds like scissor)
and you can sign More, which you love to do because I get so excited when you do it!!

You are an absolute delight.  You are a great combination of your sisters with the sweet nature of Sugar Mama and the mischief of Nugget girl.  You are a mama's girl, but you call daddy all the time (which drives me bananas :)  We love you so much and simply cannot imagine our lives without you.  

Lastly, what a difference a year makes: 

Today I am Thankful for: 
My sweet little KJ and the whole 14 months that she's been with us :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Review

This past Friday I went to have lunch with Sugar Mama at her school.  She eats at the same time that I am leaving to get Nugget girl from school every day so it's hard to get over there.  But the husband went and got her and I went and had school pizza, Yum! :)

We had a busy weekend, doing some much needed shopping to replenish shoes and clothes for our 3 sweetest girls.  But our smallest girl gave me the 2 biggest scares of my life this weekend also.

Number 1: 
She took a header into the fireplace.  She didn't get the corner but, instead, the edge where the top and side meets.  This is the result: And this looks good compared to today. 

And the second heart attack came when we were in a department store.  We have allowed her to get out and walk around for a few minutes when we're done, if she's been good.  Well she went a few steps a head of me, and the husband called my name and I turned around for a second, turned back and she was gone.  I ran up to grab her and didn't see her.  To make a very long 30 seconds short, she had walked back to the husband I just didn't see her walk behind me.  I was in tears when it was all said and done. 

And lastly my sweet girls hanging out together: 

Sugar Mama writing our Compassion child, complete with pictures of "her" horse.

Today I am Thankful for: 
Shopping with my sweet girls.  Don't get me wrong, it was chaotic and there were a couple of times I though to myself "Lord help us when they are all teenagers", but I got to experience it and had the ability to do it and while I was exhausted afterwards, it made me very happy!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Blogger Bumpersticker....

Lively Situation had their first riding lesson yesterday.

About a year ago we signed Sugar Mama up for riding lessons at a farm just down the street.  Because they have so much interest we had to add our names to the waiting list and just this week we were called up to the big leagues :)  After visiting this place I totally understand why no one ever wants to get off the list!!

The thing I truly love about this place is that she does not just learn how to ride.  Before she is able to even lead him from the stable, she first has to groom him.  

After she puts everything on him.. bridle, saddle, etc., then she can lead him to the area where she rides.  I was very impressed with this part.  Most kids do not even ride their first lesson.  Sugar Mama learned to steer, how to get the horse to stop, ride without hands and to trot.  She is in love!!

She was wired on the way home, insisting she was not tired, however I knew differently.  She did not even make it through our bed time story before she was out like a light.  She was still tired this morning :)  

And to top it all off she came home with a Student of the Month certificate.  And since they did not give me a bumper sticker, I am proudly claiming this small area below my blog bumper sticker: 

My child is Student of the Month!!

Today I am Thankful for: 

My nugget girl and her sweet prayer: "Jesus I pray for Mrs. Chris, cause her so sick, can you put your hands on her and make her feel better?"  My heart could have burst!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Oh Happy Day..

I have that song playing in my head right now, from Sister Act 2.  I am not willing to confirm or deny the fact that I may have been belting it out in my bathroom :)

We've had some crazy weather here in the South.. It will be really cold in the mornings but by the afternoon it's sunny, beautiful and really warm.  It's these moments where I am so glad we have a playground at our house.   We spend a lot of time out there when we can and my girls just love it!! Even our smallest girl just sits in the swing and smiles, until the ride ends and the she grunts and/or screams which is baby for "Push me again!!"

Today I am Thankful for: 
School: I have always been hesitant to send my kids to school because I absolutely love having them here with me, but today I saw such great progress from both of my school aged girls that it makes my heart happy to know they are learning and meeting new friends.
I would home school, but I'm simply not cut out for that, so kudos to those of you who are :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

It's been a very Seussical week around here.  

Nugget girl went to Who-K this week, which is just like 3K, except the Who's all live there :)

She traveled from one Who town to the next learning about Red fish and Blue Fish, The Things you Can see on Mulberry Street, and even stopped to taste a little Green Eggs and Ham.

This little Sam I am did not like the Green Eggs, but surprisingly was a fan of the ham :)

She dressed up as... Cat in the Hat, which she calls Scat Cat...

This hat is not easy to make last minute, as you will need paper plates, which I did not have.. so this monstrosity was the best we could do.  

She did love the eye liner.. she even came home from school and touched up her own make-up... you can imagine that went smoothly :)

But as a Dr. Seuss lover myself I thought it was such a fun week.  

Today I am Thankful for: 
Stories: They can take us anywhere we want to go, and often to places we never dreamed we'd see.