Thursday, March 8, 2012

Blogger Bumpersticker....

Lively Situation had their first riding lesson yesterday.

About a year ago we signed Sugar Mama up for riding lessons at a farm just down the street.  Because they have so much interest we had to add our names to the waiting list and just this week we were called up to the big leagues :)  After visiting this place I totally understand why no one ever wants to get off the list!!

The thing I truly love about this place is that she does not just learn how to ride.  Before she is able to even lead him from the stable, she first has to groom him.  

After she puts everything on him.. bridle, saddle, etc., then she can lead him to the area where she rides.  I was very impressed with this part.  Most kids do not even ride their first lesson.  Sugar Mama learned to steer, how to get the horse to stop, ride without hands and to trot.  She is in love!!

She was wired on the way home, insisting she was not tired, however I knew differently.  She did not even make it through our bed time story before she was out like a light.  She was still tired this morning :)  

And to top it all off she came home with a Student of the Month certificate.  And since they did not give me a bumper sticker, I am proudly claiming this small area below my blog bumper sticker: 

My child is Student of the Month!!

Today I am Thankful for: 

My nugget girl and her sweet prayer: "Jesus I pray for Mrs. Chris, cause her so sick, can you put your hands on her and make her feel better?"  My heart could have burst!!

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