Thursday, April 19, 2012

15 Months...

Kj you are 15 months old!! How can this be?

You are wearing a size 4 diaper still, and still 18 months clothes.
You have 12 teeth.
No weight and Height yet, but we'll update. 

You are running.  Everywhere.  It's insane because your little arms pump back and forth like you're going somewhere and you just laugh.  Until you feet move faster than the rest of your body and you scrape your knees up... again.  You have permanent scraped knees right now.

You eat a lot of what you like, but you're becoming a picky eater.  If you don't want to eat what we give you, you simply toss it off your highchair for Dooley.  He usually lays at your feet during dinner. 

Your favorites: Bananas, Yogurt, Chicken Nuggets, Corn, Goldfish, Vanilla Wafers, Fruit Snacks... to name a few.
Not your favorite: mixed fruit, broccoli, chicken salad.

New words that you can say: 
Belly (elly is what it come out as, but you point to your belly, or mine and say it :)
You love to read and look at books.
You LOVE to push your shopping carts around.
And your new favorite obsession is the playroom.  We've just started allowing you to go up there as long as it's gated off and you love it so much you laugh with delight when you arrive. 

You are so much fun.  You smile constantly and give the best cuddles.  You never take naps, never, but you sleep 12 hours a night.  You wake up SCREAMING everyday, but when I pick you up you simply want to lie your head in my neck and love.  

You are the sweetest contradictions and I cannot remember what like was like before you showed up and changed the game. 

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