Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Mom to All Girls..

It's true.  We, here at Lively Situation have only girls... three to be exact.  

Sugar Mama - 6.. almost 7.

Nugget Girl - 3.. about to turn 4.

And Kj - 14 months.

Every woman in my family has had a girl first and then a boy... I am the only one who hasn't.  I remember listening to the sonogroapher each time they scanned the bathroom business, wondering if we would see something different, but we were blessed with 3 healthy, beautiful baby girls. 

What does being the mom of Only Girls, mean?

Pink and Purple are the color pallets for everything that is shared with these 3 girls.  They love other colors, but mostly everything we have has some sort of pink in it.

3 kitchens.  As little girls they each have their own style of kitchen and our playroom houses 3 very different ones.. and yes ONE of them is pink :)

Tutus, dresses, princess dress up clothes, fake make up, fake press on nails, hair styling, all things that make having a girl so unique.  

Barbies, babies, princesses... 

Cheerleading and dance are the main staple sports in this house.

Any show on Disney Channel or Nickelodeon... Recently Sugar Mama said something about Ninjago and I had no idea what that meant :)

All of the colorful and beautiful aisles at department stores... I struggle so much when I have to buy a present for a boy in our circle.  I somehow do not think they would appreciate a tangled doll, or bath tub barbies.

All the clothes you can choose from.  There are so many cute styles for girls and so many varieties of outfits that finding something that fits the style of my 3 very different girls is easy.

Dates to share mani/pedis and all things girly with.  My girls love, love, love having their nails painted and I can help imagine days in the future where we will all 4 go and get our nails done and (hopefully) share everything.

I sometimes long for a boy only because as a mother to 3 girls I imagine I would feel a small sense of loss at not having my Mom/Daughter relationship but the Husband loves his girls so much and he's the perfect candidiate to help me raise 3 girls who will be girly, strong, independent women.

In a nutshell being the mom of all girls means drama, hormones, and all things pink.  As for this girl I wouldn't trade a thing! :)

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