Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Day with Aunt Stina

This is my niece M & M... 
And most days, this is the face she wears.
Some things I found out about my niece this weekend: 
She is really funny
She is really stubborn
She speaks very softly for someone who is so stubborn
She fights on the smallest things and takes no notice to the big ones
She enjoys bubbles, but not baths
She does not like to wear dresses
Her body is fueled only by junk food
Her favorite place to be: on the "wing"- swing :)
She has hair, exactly, like the twin did when we were kids
She does not like to hold hands
And mostly importantly I learned that she can be such a big girl when it really counts.

She came to spend the night with us this weekend and she has never spent the night off, anywhere, before.
I was nervous. 
For the obvious: 4 (little) girls under one roof-yikes!!, and that she might cry endlessly and loudly when bed time rolled around.
And the not so obvious: what if she doesn't like church school?

But when we came back from picking her up her day rounded out like this: 
2 hours of outside play
a bubble bath
salon style
3 stories read before bed time
and then lights out.. like a champ she went right to sleep :)

This morning she woke up, got dressed, ate breakfast and survived our Sunday Morning Hurricane, and we were 5 minutes early for church.  The heavens surely opened up wide for that one :)

She did great during church school and loved the puppet show.

So Today I was so thankful for her day with Aunt Stina.... we all had a great time and I wouldn't trade the memories for being 10 minutes early for church ;)

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