Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Break 2012

This was me and my little Kj last year for Spring Break.
And this year is no different.  My 2 oldest girls begged and pleaded to spend the week with their Gigi and Pops (My Nanny and Pawpaw).
It makes me so happy that they get to spend time with them and to hear the excitement over the fun things they've done this week let's me know, that even though I am bored out of my mind it was totally worth it :)

Here are some pictures of those 2 traveling sisters that I took and some I found when going through (thank you Sugar Mama :)

I took these at Nugget Girl's Easter Egg Hunt at school. 

And this one I found.. for the record, you can check my facebook thoroughly and you will not find a picture of me like this.. where did she get this?!?
Although I do have to wonder what face she was making, the one right after this in my phone is a picture of up her nose :)

And lastly, this is what Kj I have been doing while on Spring Break, this year. 

Doing a little Easter Shopping

She was reading while I was cleaning their rooms :)

And lastly, trying to amuse ourselves because we miss those 2 girls something fierce.  

The sweet, awesome thing is those 2 sweet girls have asked to speak to her every time I've talked with them on the phone.  When I put them on speaker she looked all over the house for them, and when she couldn't find them she was not happy.  So we miss them and it confirms for me that I simply must find a life, and soon because I cannot do this everyday when they grow up and move out.

Today I am Thankful for: 
The opportunity to get things done while they are gone even though I miss them so.  I was able to visit the Easter Bunny today all by myself and that was a big deal.
Oh, and that tomorrow signifies the beginning of the end for the enemy.  
It was a good Friday, they beat, humiliated and hung him on the cross.  But the morning is coming, and evil has no place here.  

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