Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Whew!! What a weekend.  My intention is always to post every other day, or at the very least every third day.. but by the end of every day I am so tired I just don't.  

So this is my Nugget who loves to sit like this in the carpool line waiting to go into school.  She asked me to take her picture and here she is :)

Fridays are our Sweetness days.  Before Sugar Mama has tumbling we usually go and get Ice cream or frozen yogurt to celebrate the end of the week, what isn't great about Fridays? :)
Our frozen yogurt shop is the one where you build your own.. every topping imaginable is available and they love it!!

This weekend we had 2 birthday parties to go to.

First we spent 2 hours at Nugget girls classmate where they spent 1 of those hours on the
Tumblebus.. a school bus cleared out to make a traveling gymnastics gym.
We literally had enough time to go and change into our princess costumes to make it to the 2nd party where we spent 3 hours!!
We met Tiana, from the Princess and the Frog and she did some great face painting!!

My girls had the BEST time.  
And better yet, Sugar Mama went to and survived her very first sleepover.  The husband and I debated for 2 weeks over this.  But she insisted she ALWAYS wanted to go to a sleepover party.  Nugget girl on the other hand was HYSTERICAL when we left Sugar Mama.  I had not considered that they had never been separated, but boy was she upset.
Sugar Mama loved it and was exhausted the next day :)

Today I had to go and be drug tested for the Nursing Program.  What a weird process but I had this little partner in crime with me: 

She was so sociable, waving at everyone who came in and running and laughing in the waiting room.  The other patients loved her!!

The days are flying by and it's crazy how quickly I get behind, but here we are for the moment.

Today I am Thankful for: 

Mama J: I love my Mama and the Lord surely blessed me when he gave me her!!

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