Friday, May 4, 2012

Welcome To.. Me...

It's Link up day at Kelly's Korner.. Today is all about meeting people in the blogging world that live around/close to you!!

So, Hi!! This is Lively Situation...

I live in Middle Georgia, But South of Atlanta.. 
Here we are a house full of girls, with the husband who does not stand alone, but next to our drooling bulldog.. Dooley.

Me?  I'm a 29.. almost 30 (gulp!!) gal who has 3 girls.. almost 7, 4, and 15 months.  I am currently a professional student with my first glimpse at the end of the tunnel with an acceptance to nursing school in the Fall!!  

I LOVE, LOVE, to read, sing/dance, watch weird shows on television, watch Bulldog football, spend time with my girls/husband, sew, school, school supplies, chocolate, etc.

I am controlling, and overwhelmed most often.  I am uptight and like to disguise my controlling by calling it "being a planner".. I worry about the smallest things and never blink at the big ones.  I'm overly cautious when it comes to my emotions but invite perfect strangers to confide their life stories in me.

Mostly, I'm saved by the Grace of God.  I am controlling and uptight but my life is rooted in the Love of God and the light he has called me to shine in my life.

I hope you'll read through some of these blogs and get to know me a little better.  

Either way, thanks for looking at this Georgia girl :)


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  1. Hi Christina- I'm Melissa and stopping by from Kelly's Korner. I am in Atlanta, GA also. Mom to 2 little boys- 3.5 yrs and 23 mos. Looking forward to reading your blog!