Tuesday, June 12, 2012

To Celebrate a Life...

It's been an odd few days here at Lively Situation.  Losing a family member will do that to you, but losing a family member in the war, across the world, brings a new set of experiences. 

Today our technology is so advanced that when a person is injured or fatally wounded across the world you know about it almost instantaneously.

What you don't know is that plans, preparations, and reuniting is not.

PFC Brandon Goodine left Afghanistan and arrived in Dover, Delaware on Saturday.  This is the place that all fatally wounded soldiers arrive, because it is here that they do a "Dignified Transfer".  His family meets him on the tarmac and his brothers transfer him to a waiting vehicle. 

This is an actual photo from his transfer.

While his Mother, Father, Sister and Wife were in Delaware meeting him local new stations were contacting my brother because they wanted to do a story on Brandon.

There are no words to describe this process other than humbling.  People who do not even know you, or your family are hurting with you, praying for you, and recognizing him as the hero he was. 

Every news outlet in the state covered his story.  Even some around the country picked it up.  I watched at my brother gave an interview about his loss and cried silently in the background.  I struggled through the parts where he answered questions about how this would affect him when he was deployed.  And I was never more proud then to know that the man speaking was my brother.  

The community has given so much already.  When Brandon's parents went into JcPennys to purchase black clothing for their trip to Delaware the manager of the store closed it to the rest of the public, and when they pulled out their money to pay, he allowed them to leave with the purchase on the house.  

When my brother sought out a local printing company to have car decals made, a customer in the store, who had overheard his story paid for them... without hesitation.

God is good. 

I ask prayer for his mother as she awaits word on when his body will finally be brought home so she can begin the grieving/closure process.  May God grant her and her daughters peace that surpasses all understanding.

And I ask that you never forget all the freedoms we enjoy that are paid for by people like Brandon.

Today I am Thankful for: 
Brandon.  Having known him and his family it's a benefit to my life.  I am also thankful that in moments that grief is overwhelming God picks up the pieces and does our praying for us.  

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