Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Vacation: Week 2

Week 2 of Summer Vacation!! I am not surprised to find the days flying by, and myself wondering on Friday's where the week went.  

Monday we did a lot of catching up.  Because we love spending time with the husband, not a lot gets done on the weekends, like grocery shopping etc. 

Tuesday was bird feeder day!! We followed this tutorial.  Lots of fun to make, but they did not hold up well when we tried to hang them from the trees. 

Next, we decided to try to plant the bulbs that we found at Walmart for $3.  It was a success.  I gave them each their own biodegradable pot, some soil and we planted some fragrant lillies, hoping we can add them to our flower bed next Spring. 

Thursday is Summer Reading Program.  I take all of my girls to the library, and Olivia participates in the craft, while Addison and Kinley read, color, do puzzles, etc. 

Here is Adis and Kj with Paiges the Turtle, this is their favorite part!! 

After our story time we went for a little froyo on such a hot day.  We were heading to pick up our daddy!! 

On Friday we went with the husband to finally cash in his Skydiving Gift Certificate!! We bought this for him for Father's Day/Birthday combo, 2 years ago!! 

We had to leave the house by 6 am to get there on time, so I had some snoozing babies in the car.

We had a LONG wait so we did what all girls do.. we caught frogs :) We literally spent 8 hours at this sky diving center, and by the end I was asking myself why I agreed to sit that long with 3 active girls.  But, after the husband came back from the jump I knew we had made the right decision. 

Grandpa you can watch the jump video here:

On Saturday we celebrated Olivia's 8th birthday.  I cannot believe this girl is 8!!!! She wanted her birthday at a skating rink, and I can say without a doubt that it was the best money we have ever spent.  She said over and over again "This is the best day of my life!!" 

And then of course Father's day!! We gave our daddy some cologne and cute movie basket, but we didn't take any pictures because somehow I think the husband would not appreciate the "first thing waking up photo ops" :)

We made these for our Pawpaw and Pawpaw D!! 

And after considerable drying time, I think about 4 days, we decided to hang our bird feeders, they fell apart the moment we hung them.  I have no idea what went wrong... 

Week 2 was a success, the husband even said that this was one of the best weekends of his life.  I guess this girl can give herself a pat on the back!! :)

Love to you all!! 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Vacation: Week One

I vowed that this Summer would be a great one, afterall I have spent the last 8 months looking forward to this time where there would be no homework, testing, or reading that I haven't chosen :)

So I looked over Pinterest and found some cool ideas to keep us busy..

Monday-Olivia received this garden stone kit for her birthday 2 years ago, and since we've recently cleared out our flower beds I though this would be a perfect time to make them.  

A few tips: 
1. They are not as large as you would imagine a garden stone to be.  I had planned to use these as stepping stones between our walkway and driveway, but they will be used for decoration now. 
2. You do not need to use all of the concrete when you mix it.  If you use all the concrete and the small amount of water they recommend it will dry too quickly and decorating/molding will be next to impossible.

Tuesday we took advantadge of our Mimi's pool.  This is the first Summer I have been confident enough to take them all by myself and it's was fantastic.  I barely got any photos of Olivia because she is constantly swimming.  Addison was content making friends and floating along, while Kj enjoyed the small kiddie area.  The weather was perfect for a swim and picnic lunch!!

Wednesday we did some thrifting.  We have several thrift stores around that I like to visit looking for furniture. 

Thursday was riding lessons for Olivia.
Addison felt her puppy should be super safe on the way to pick up Sister. 
*On a side note: Addison has slept with this puppy every night since she was about 9 months  old.  He has seen better days, but I wonder how much longer she will keep him.  The thought makes me super sad!! 

We decided to try this. We used 80's glam sharpies that the husband bought me (I LOVE the 80's) and made plates for each little lady.  We followed the directions exactly, but the colors dulled A LOT in the oven.  Perhaps that's why they only show black sharpies in the tutorials?  

Friday we spent some time just out and about.  We got to see this awesome Rainbow!! 

And my hydrangea bush is finally blooming.  We've gotten sort of big into plants here so we were excited to bring this bloom into the house and see what happens. 

Deal of the week: I've been looking at bird baths for our flower beds.  The standard ones are not expensive, but I needed a tall one for the space I had in mind.  Well, the husband and I popped into Walmart to buy some spray paint.  He happened to notice this fountain/bird bath on the patio of the garden section.  It has a small hole in the front because it's been out there for a while.  The previous owners brought it back because the pump didn't work.
Well the manager sold it to us for... $20!! So we brought it home, set it up, and guess what? The pump DOES work, the previous owners put the pump in backwards :)

Side note: We bought a new car about 2 months ago.  We went from a Yukon XL to a Honda Civic.  We OFTEN forget that we no longer have the Yukon.  Prime example here: We bought this antique end table and couldn't get it home any other way :)  I have plans to stain and nourish this table back to some serious glory.  

So that's week one.  This week we plan to: make some bird feeders, plants some flowers/strawberry plants, visit the zoo, and plan for Olivia's birthday!! 

Love to you all!! 

Monday, May 27, 2013

A Labor of Love

The past 3 months my girls and I have been doing the day to day without the husband since he was working out of town.  School was winding down, finals just around the corner, and my very first research paper due within days.

I just finished the semester about a week ago, and after a solid 8 months of full-time school, I had to take a breathe and survey the damage.  Seriously, I looked around my house and noticed my floors that had not been mopped (for real mopped) since before I went to school.  Sure, I've swept and spot mopped, but had not broken out the swiffer in months.  My poor, poor stove was neglected almost beyond repair.  I may, or may not have placed a Zaxby's tray over my little messy stove for a certain 5 year old's birthday party because it was the LAST Thing I had to do... 

So the husband, girls and I took this weekend to finally finish a project that began more than a year ago.  

This is the stock photo of our house when I found it on the internet: Please notice the big ol' green bushes.  I loathe these bushes, hate is not a strong enough word.  Well, the husband and I removed them... WAY before we understood the enormity of this job, or before we knew what we wanted to do with the areas. 

Because we did not know what we wanted to do with it, and these bushes are like a virus, the once clear and clean space became this: Again, don't judge, remember I had ZERO time to do anything non-school related!! 

So we did what any responsible person would do.. we paid someone to come and cut all of those viruses flush with the ground.  Talk about expensive, but after this weekend, I know in my soul that it was worth every penny :) 

So here are the before photos of what the area looked like after the yard men cleaned up the area: I did save my hydrangea bush and one small little green bush that I have vowed not to hate.  

So we spent the weekend removing the top layer of grass, so that the soil underneath could be broken up, turned over, and mixed with soil so that actual plants, beautiful, clean plants could replace the viruses  
The husband removed all of the stumps from the bushes and bless that man, they were a major pain in the tush!! Because the bushes are viruses, their roots run deep and wide.
We planted Monkey Grass, although Nugget girl said "Can we get some Unicorn grass instead?"
Planted new plants 
Covered the entire area in mulch.

I am so crazy proud of this area now!! It look soooooo much better :)

And just for you Grandma and Grandpa!! 

Love to you all!! 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Coming Home, But Going Forward.

It's been a long time since I have opened this browser.  A long time since I've thought about blogging and sharing my pictures with the few people who read this space.  If you read me for a little while before, you know that I was working hard to get into Nursing School.  

I am happy to be in a place where I can look back at the sweat, blood and tears fondly and know that I am going forward.  The light at the end of the tunnel is still 15 months away, but it gives me a time in the future to look forward to. 

So here I am, coming home to a place where my "grandparents" in California will be happy to see the faces of my munchkins in just a bit. 
Here I am trying to remember all the things I wanted to remember in this space, so that years from now I will look back on THESE moments fondly. 

So.. Here Goes-

-I have cemented in my brain that this is what God has called me to do.  I absolutely love the clinical interaction of this journey and now understand the saying "If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life"

-I have missed more church in the past 6 months than I have my entire adult life combined, but my relationship with God grows more, if that even makes sense.  Don't get me wrong, I was absolutely growing while serving, but daily my profession and my faith battle.  Some days I have to come home and decompress, just for a moment because the things I have experienced, felt, bring me to my knees in moments of "Why?!?" and I have to trust my God that somethings I will not ever understand, but he is with me always and I will come out the other side. 

-NOT being a stay at home mom in the moments before school seemed like a dream.  I was CRAVING adult interactions, an activity, hobby, anything that was soley mine and reflected only on who God made ME, and I got it.  And when I dropped my baby girl off at Preschool and she cried, I bolted out the door crying too.  When I dropped my baby girl off at Preschool and she got down and ran to hug her teacher, I bolted out the door crying hoping she hadn't found someone else to love more than me.  I battle daily with the small moments I get with them, crying to myself that some pretty important things are happening.  I hope that 10 years down the road both they and I are happy with what we did during this time.  

-I have met some incredible people.  I am certain that this girl will be my BFF for life.  God put us together and quickly it was a fast friendship.  People from school swear we have known each other forever, but not so.  And she confirms for me that the time CSU said no, was not only okay, but affirmation that God's timing is always better!!

A few other things that have happened: 

This lady scared a few years off my life.  She originally fell and broke her hip, but while preforming corrective surgery her heart stopped.  She had a 99% blockage in a major artery.  We spent lots of time in Anderson, SC praying that God would let us keep her, for just a little while longer, and he said yes.  

We've celebrated this small munchkins 2nd birthday.  Nothing terribly special, but she had a good time and really that is all that matter.

And to give the grandparents what they have really been waiting for..

Love to you all!!