Monday, May 27, 2013

A Labor of Love

The past 3 months my girls and I have been doing the day to day without the husband since he was working out of town.  School was winding down, finals just around the corner, and my very first research paper due within days.

I just finished the semester about a week ago, and after a solid 8 months of full-time school, I had to take a breathe and survey the damage.  Seriously, I looked around my house and noticed my floors that had not been mopped (for real mopped) since before I went to school.  Sure, I've swept and spot mopped, but had not broken out the swiffer in months.  My poor, poor stove was neglected almost beyond repair.  I may, or may not have placed a Zaxby's tray over my little messy stove for a certain 5 year old's birthday party because it was the LAST Thing I had to do... 

So the husband, girls and I took this weekend to finally finish a project that began more than a year ago.  

This is the stock photo of our house when I found it on the internet: Please notice the big ol' green bushes.  I loathe these bushes, hate is not a strong enough word.  Well, the husband and I removed them... WAY before we understood the enormity of this job, or before we knew what we wanted to do with the areas. 

Because we did not know what we wanted to do with it, and these bushes are like a virus, the once clear and clean space became this: Again, don't judge, remember I had ZERO time to do anything non-school related!! 

So we did what any responsible person would do.. we paid someone to come and cut all of those viruses flush with the ground.  Talk about expensive, but after this weekend, I know in my soul that it was worth every penny :) 

So here are the before photos of what the area looked like after the yard men cleaned up the area: I did save my hydrangea bush and one small little green bush that I have vowed not to hate.  

So we spent the weekend removing the top layer of grass, so that the soil underneath could be broken up, turned over, and mixed with soil so that actual plants, beautiful, clean plants could replace the viruses  
The husband removed all of the stumps from the bushes and bless that man, they were a major pain in the tush!! Because the bushes are viruses, their roots run deep and wide.
We planted Monkey Grass, although Nugget girl said "Can we get some Unicorn grass instead?"
Planted new plants 
Covered the entire area in mulch.

I am so crazy proud of this area now!! It look soooooo much better :)

And just for you Grandma and Grandpa!! 

Love to you all!!