Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Happy One Year aversary!!

I just opened the browser and noticed that it has been exactly one year since I've updated this blog :)

The husband has been asking me if I was going to start it back up since right now I'm much less busy than I was even a month ago.  My days are spent studying to pass the boards and watching my munchkins grow.  And grow they have!! 

Kj is 3 now, Addis 6, and Olive just turned 9. 

So a few things: 

-I graduated.  Finally, after what must be some type of record I finally earned my BSN and in just a few weeks (after I take and hopefully pass the boards) I'll be licensed and everything!! 

-Olivia got braces.  She was very self conscious and we felt it would be the best thing.  It has made a world of difference.  

-We made it through K2, Kindergarten, and 3rd grade. We're moving on up and we're very happy about that. 

-Addis started horse back riding and she's actually liking it.  It's helping her to focus and she needs help in that department. 

-Kj is a ball of energy that will hopefully be participating in a sport very soon.  She run from the time her feet hit the floor until she passes out at night.  She is so smart and funny, but she is equally exhausting!! 

I'm learning what it means to be patient and trust in God's timing.  I'm anxious to get my appointment to test for the boards so I can get a job and feel like the past 6 years have been worth it.  I am at the mercy of so many other people sometimes I want to pull my hair out from frustration.  But I'm trying to constantly remind myself and pray that I can just be patient and trust that my job is out there, and God is going to lead me to the hospital and department he decided for me long ago. 

Until next time, Christina :)